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Assembly on Thoracic Oncology


The Assembly on Thoracic Oncology will build upon the efforts of the Section of Thoracic Oncology to expand and enhance the breadth and quality of research, member and patient education, and advocacy efforts related to lung cancer within the ATS. Activities to achieve this goal include: programming scientific sessions at the International Conference; planning postgraduate training courses; writing position papers and statements to advance the science of lung cancer; and establishing collaborations with other respiratory disease organizations (ACCP, ERS, JRS, AATS), cancer-related professional societies (IASLC, AACR, ASCO) and funding agencies. The Assembly will have broad multidisciplinary representation that breaks through organizational barriers to facilitate collaboration and cooperation amongst diverse researchers and clinicians with an interest in lung cancer.

Activities: Since inception, the Section of Thoracic Oncology demonstrated significant progress in achieving the goals set forth above. Membership has increased steadily to reach 1049 as of September 2016. Through International Conference programming, outreach efforts to members and the Cancer community, document publications, AJRCCM publications, and interactions with national and international cancer related organizations led by SOTO, the ATS has increased its prominence in lung cancer and is now considered to be amongst the leaders in this field.

The Thoracic Oncology Assembly is well positioned to accommodate the development and programming of multidisciplinary lung cancer programming and documents that do not fit neatly into the priorities of the program committees of existing ATS assemblies. As an Assembly, we will be able to enhance our visibility and our outreach efforts to attract additional new members from Pulmonary as well as from other disciplines that are not well represented at ATS (e.g. Medical Oncology, Thoracic Surgery, Radiation Oncology, Palliative Medicine).

The most important rationale for moving forward with the creation of an Assembly on Thoracic Oncology is that it will break down the barriers that impede integration of bench science activities with clinical activities. Lung cancer is a terrific model of how basic science discoveries can be integrated into clinical management to result in improved outcomes for patients. This successful model of target identification, target validation, and targeted therapy requires a multidisciplinary approach that will be facilitated by the creation of a Thoracic Oncology Assembly. The assembly will bring together bench and clinical researchers, clinicians, trainees, and industry partners from around the world. The structure of the Assembly will foster interdisciplinary communication, programming, project development, membership outreach and collaborations with industry and other lung cancer societies.

For more information about the Assembly’s initiatives, please send an e-mail to


Thoracic Oncology Leadership




Assembly Chair

Michael Gould, MD, MS


Assembly Chair-Elect

M. Patricia Rivera, MD


Program Committee Chair

Lynn T. Tanoue, MD


Planning Committee Chair

Peter J. Mazzone, MPH, MD


Nominating Committee Members

Nichole Tanner, MD, MSCR
Steven M. Dubinett, MD


Web Director

Katrina Ann Steiling, MD, MSc


Last Reviewed: October 2016