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Respiratory Structure & Function


Blanca Camoretti-Mercado, PhD
Assembly Chair
Blanca Camoretti-Mercado, PhD

Think Globally But Act Locally

Assemblies in the American Thoracic Society serve as functional platforms for members with similar clinical and scientific interests to facilitate effective communication among members and to promote research projects and activities that benefit themselves and the ATS globally.  Assemblies functionally are the voice of the membership.

Of all the ATS assemblies, Respiratory Structure and Function (RSF) serves as one of the broadest with scientific interests in integrative physiology, airways function, pulmonary vasculature, lung parenchyma, and skeletal muscle in health and disease.  Members use a broad skill set that includes cellular and molecular techniques and mathematical modeling while translating their work in fundamental models to patients.  Further, development and testing of imaging and lung function technologies that define physiological and pharmacological outcomes are particular RSF strengths. Additionally, members also have a strong interest in acute lung injury and in aerosol deposition.

The RSF Assembly is the pathway for scientific exchange, training and networking.  It is through the assembly that members can foster presentation of their research, meet collaborators, design projects with defined objectives and develop careers in leadership within the pulmonary community.

Assembly Working Groups/Committees: (RSF Assembly Structure).

The RSF Executive Committee establishes working groups that foster state-of-the-art ATS official documents, design symposia and foster the career development of junior investigators. It is the assembly that draws its strength from a bottom up approach. The RSF mission is accomplished through the Programming, Planning, Nominating Committees and Early Career Professional Working Group. The Programming Committee reviews abstracts and organizes content for the annual ATS International Conference. The Planning Committee activities include scientific recognition awards, and development of projects that can serve as ATS statements. The Nominating Committee identifies candidates for the assembly’s leadership positions, including the Assembly Chair, Programming Committee Chair-Elect and Nominating Committee members. The RSF Early Career Professional Working Group consists of graduate students, post-doctoral and clinical fellows, and junior faculty from three continents with the goal to ensure that the views of the junior members of the Assembly on RSF, are brought forth to the Assembly leadership.

Annual Membership Meeting, Reception and Awards:

The premier venue for learning about the RSF Assembly is at the Annual Membership Meeting and Reception, which includes a dinner menu.  In this congenial atmosphere, members share stories, meet peers, socialize and plan the future and direction of the Assembly.  Additionally, the prestigious scientific awards, the Ann Woolcock Memorial Award and the Joseph R. Rodarte Memorial Award, recognize lifetime achievements and young investigators, as well as the Stuart J Hirst Abstract Excellence Award which recognizes the trainee submitting the top ranked abstract  in an RSF abstract category relevant to airway biology and physiology. Additionally, the Dr. Robert Crapo Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award in Pulmonary Diagnostics recognizes an individual with a lifetime dedication and accomplishment in the study of pulmonary diagnostic testing. Further, the dinner also serves as the platform to provide young investigators with Abstract Scholarships for the highest ranked abstracts in RSF categories.

Members in Training and Transition:

RSF is at the vanguard of training new members for careers in independent research, academic medicine or industry.  The Training and Transition Group fosters workshops in grant writing and networking and promotes the assignment and active involvement of mentors to junior members.  The objective of this committee is to build grassroots strengths by facilitating recruitment and integration of the finest junior respiratory investigators and clinicians globally.  RSF offers young investigators opportunities to establish themselves as contributing members of the assembly.

The Future

Your involvement in RSF will guarantee the highest opportunity to realize your expectations and goals in the pulmonary community.  Speaking for all of the members of RSF, we promote an open door policy and enjoy any and all questions, comments and ideas that we can turn into effective practices to promote lung health.



Last Reviewed: April 2018