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Education Committee

Chair Debra M. Boyer, MD Boston, MA
Vice Chair Jakob I. McSparron, MD Ann Arbor, MI
Vice Chair Tisha S. Wang, MD Los Angeles, CA
Committee Member Shozab Ahmed, MBBS, FCCP Albuquerque, NM
Committee Member Gerene S. Bauldoff, RN, PhD Columbus, OH
Committee Member Caralee E. Caplan-Shaw, MD New York, NY
Committee Member W. Graham Carlos, MD, MSCR, ATSF Indianapolis, IN
Committee Member Colleen L. Channick, MD Los Angeles, CA
Committee Member Josalyn L. Cho, MD Iowa City, IA
Committee Member Alison S. Clay, MD, ATSF Durham, NC
Committee Member Jessica A. Cooksey, MD Chicago, IL
Committee Member Basak Coruh, MD Seattle, WA
Committee Member Daniel R. Crouch, MD, MS La Jolla, CA
Committee Member Charles Dela Cruz, MD, PhD, ATSF Hamden, CT
Committee Member Fei Jamie Dy, MD WALNUT CREEK, CA
Committee Member Garth W. Garrison, MD Burlington, VT
Committee Member - PAR Representative Jeffrey R. Goldstein Miami, FL
Committee Member Jane E. Gross, MD, PhD Denver, CO
Committee Member - CCR Representative Robin L. Gross, MD Washington, DC
Committee Member Margaret M. Hayes, MD Boston, MA
Committee Member Amjad Horani, MD Saint Louis, MO
Committee Member Tristan J. Huie, MD Denver, CO
Committee Member Shazia M. Jamil, MD, ATSF La Jolla, CA
Committee Member Jon M. Keller, MD Seattle, WA
Committee Member Hrishikesh S. Kulkarni, MD, MSc, ATSF Saint Louis, MO
Committee Member Melissa Lipford Rochester, MN
Committee Member Paul E. Moore, MD, ATSF Nashville, TN
Committee Member Viswam S. Nair, MSCR, MD Tampa, FL
Committee Member Scott S. Oh, DO Santa Monica, CA
Committee Member Robert L. Owens, MD La Jolla, CA
Committee Member Susan Pasnick, MD Santa Fe, NM
Committee Member Hetal J. Patel, MD Dallas, TX
Committee Member Jason T. Poston, MD Chicago, IL
Committee Member Samaan Rafeq, MD New York, NY
Committee Member Jordan S. Rettig, MD Boston, MA
Committee Member Leopoldo N. Segal, MD Scarsdale, NY
Committee Member Mark D. Siegel, MD New Haven, CT
Committee Member Mary E. Strek, MD, ATSF Chicago, IL
Staff Jennifer Siegel-Gasiewski New York, NY
Staff Eileen Larsson New York, NY

The Education Committee provides oversight for the design, implementation, and evaluation of all educational activities and products, including statements and guidelines, with the exception of the International Conference. It performs ongoing assessments of ATS educational programs to determine their effectiveness and financial performance and reviews and approves proposals for postgraduate courses at the International Conference. The Committee conducts periodic strategic planning to improve the Society's educational portfolio and develops new programs. It coordinates joint educational programs with other organizations and monitors the certification and maintenance of certification requirements of relevant professional boards and ensures that the ATS CME Mission Statement and the ATS educational mission statement are aligned in order to design educational programs to meet the needs of clinician members and meet criteria for accreditation. Finally, it coordinates its efforts with the Web Editor, Documents Development and Implementation Committee, the International Conference Committee, and the International Lung Health Committee.

Benchmarks, 2018-2019:

• Evaluate the impact of the 2017-2020 Core Curriculum/Maintenance of Certification module program and report on key metrics, and make recommendations regarding enhancements of the initiative.
• Evaluate and adjust MOC portfolio to incorporate additional non-Core Curriculum MOC offerings for ATS members.
• Develop the 2019 Core ATS Curriculum for Adult Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep Medicine, and Pediatrics in conjunction with the Core Curriculum Working Group, which will be submitted to the appropriate specialty Boards.
• Evaluate current hands-on learning experiences and create novel hands-on opportunities both at the ATS IC and regionally.
• Review, evaluate, select, and provide feedback on the 2019 Postgraduate Courses.
• Partner with ICC and SoME on the Learning Formats Working Group to design novel learning formats and integrate new teaching technology at the ATS IC.
• Assess educational offerings available to more specialized physician and non-physician groups.
• Develop an Educational Consulting service available to ATS members to improve educational products offered at both at the IC and regional meetings.
• Expand outcomes data collection for ATS educational offerings with specific aim of improving/expanding activities and addressing implementation.
• Oversee the organization and structure of the Fellows Tract Symposium at the IC, including an educational assessment component.
• Develop, revise and assess the impact of Board Review Books for Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine on a periodic basis.
• Develop a policy and process for ATS “rapid response” documents prompted by environmental or other events. The policy and process are to be developed in consultation with the Patient and Family Education Committee and the ATS Documents Editor.