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Clinicians Advisory Committee

Chair Jaspal Singh, MD, MHS, MHA Charlotte, NC
Vice Chair William M. LeTourneau, MA, RRT Rochester, MN
Committee Member Jason Akulian, MD, MPH Chapel Hill, NC
Committee Member Richard G. Barbers, MD, ATSF Los Angeles, CA
Committee Member Hitesh Batra, MD, MBA Hoover, AL
Committee Member Asha V. Devereaux, MD, MPH Coronado, CA
Committee Member Khalil J. Diab, MD, ATSF Carmel, IN
Committee Member - PAR Representative Karen L. Erickson Miami, FL
Committee Member Micah R. Fisher, MD Atlanta, GA
Committee Member - CCR Representative Christine S. Fukui, MD, ATSF Honolulu, HI
Committee Member Ellen Hillegass, PT, PhD Atlanta, GA
Committee Member David L. Hotchkin, MD, MSc Portland, OR
Committee Member Robert W. McCoy, RRT Apple Valley, MN
Committee Member Roy A. Pleasants, PharmD CHAPEL HILL, NC
Committee Member Shubha V. Srinivas, MD, MPH Annandale, VA
Committee Member Bernie Sunwoo, MBBS San Diego, CA
Committee Member Lonny B. Yarmus, DO, ATSF Baltimore, MD
Staff Barbara Horner New York, NY

The Clinicians Advisory Committee recommends strategies for promoting the active involvement and leadership of clinicians in Society affairs and increasing the effectiveness of ATS programs designed to enhance clinical practice. It develops strategies to enhance the value of ATS membership to practicing clinicians, which includes the diverse disciplines represented in the ATS membership. It initiates activities that enhance clinicians’ opportunities to be involved in the ATS, and Identifies opportunities and strategies to address clinician workforce shortages. In collaboration with the Education Committee, the Committee recommends strategies for the ATS to enhance the practicing clinicians’ ability to participate in life-long learning, post-graduate training, and continuing medical education in a manner that promotes ongoing performance improvement and excellence in practice. It also works with Health Policy Committee to keep abreast with the implementation of the new health laws and advise the EC and Board about needed ATS changes in policy.

Benchmarks, 2018-2019:
• Develop a structured process, based on membership feedback that facilitates successful clinical environments for ATS members. CAC will thereby work with ATS committees, assemblies and leadership to facilitate ATS programmatic development for its clinical members.
• Advocate for increased involvement of clinical inter-professional members of the ATS locally, regionally and nationally. Inter-professional members include nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, and other healthcare professionals and administrative partners.
• Grow the Clinician Center as a venue for networking, recognizing the contributions of ATS members, presenting informal educational sessions, and disseminating ATS materials and resources.
• Facilitate requests from other clinical committees for CAC input and involvement, focusing on CAC’s role on implementation for clinicians.
• Work with the ATS Communications Department to prepare and disseminate documents describing the value of ATS activities for practicing clinicians.