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Drug/Device Discovery and Development Committee

Chair Theodore F. Reiss, MD, MBE New Hope, PA
Vice Chair Timothy R. Watkins, MD, MSc Seattle, WA
Committee Member Alan H. Cohen, MD Menlo Park, CA
Committee Member Craig S. Conoscenti, MD Ridgefield, CT
Committee Member Courtney Crim, MD Raleigh, NC
Committee Member Gregory B. Diette, MD Baltimore, MD
Committee Member Mark S. Forshag, MHA, MD New Orleans, LA
Committee Member Geoffrey S. Gilmartin, MD Chestnut Hill, MA
Committee Member Gil Golden, MD, PhD Research Triangle Park, NC
Committee Member - ATS President David Gozal, MD, MBA Chicago, IL
Committee Member Noreen R. Henig, MD Atherton, CA
Committee Member Nicholas S. Hill, MD Boston, MA
Committee Member C. Matthew Kinsey, MD, MPH South Burlington, VT
Committee Member Joel Moss, MD, PhD Bethesda, MD
Committee Member - ATS President-elect Marc Moss, MD Aurora, CO
Committee Member - PAR Representative Gregory R. Porta Mason, OH
Committee Member Colin Reisner, MD, FCCP Morristown, NJ
Committee Member Paul J. Rowe, MD Jersey City, NJ
Committee Member Theodore J. Witek, DrPH Burlington, ON, Canada
Ex-Officio - Immediate Past President Atul Malhotra, MD La Jolla, CA
Staff Vlada K. O'Hara New York, NY
Staff Michelle Turenne New York, NY

This committee provides a forum within the Society where members may discuss the basic, translational and clinical science surrounding the discovery and development of new drugs and devices, regardless of genesis or financial support. Additionally, the committee will serve as an ad hoc resource to the ATS Committee on Ethics and Conflict of Interest and the ATS Education Committee. It will provide the Society with the strategies and specific methods to distribute knowledge, which relates to the art and principles of translational research to its members. The goal is to enhance collaboration among all scientists.

Benchmarks, 2016-2017
• Recommend strategies to enhance interactions between industry, university, and government scientists can be enhanced in a mutually beneficial, transparent and ethical manner to enhance translational research and innovation, whether those interactions are between the ATS and industry or within the Society itself;
• Suggest ways to implement strategies to recruit industry scientists as members of the ATS and to advertise and enhance the value of ATS membership for industry scientists;
• Work with the Members in Training and Transition Committee to develop and participate in materials and programs to support members wishing to choose a career as an industry scientist;
• Work with Patient Family Education Committee to update existing research--related patient materials or suggest new materials to fill unmet needs;
• Outline the interdisciplinary components of a core translational curriculum;
• Assess and improve the Bear Cage initiative for subsequent ATS meetings and publications.