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The Scope

The Thoracic Oncology Assembly is excited to introduce “The Scope”, our new project to provide perspective on what’s important to thoracic oncology clinicians and researchers. We want The Scope to be an insider’s view of the latest news, evidence, and opinions in the world of thoracic oncology.

We designed The Scope to be a go-to resource for the myriad clinicians who care for patients with thoracic malignancies and the researchers who are studying ways to improve that care. Using a journal club format, we will call your attention to new studies and developments in the basic and clinical sciences. We will also highlight non-lung thoracic oncology papers as well as the papers and advancements that non-pulmonologists are reading. The Scope will discuss new developments and new evidence in the world of advanced bronchoscopy and interventional pulmonology. Finally, we will let you know what sessions we’re particularly looking forward to at upcoming conferences and then follow-up with what we learned.

We want this site to cater to your needs so that it becomes an important resource. We’ll do our best to guess what you want but please give us feedback (toa@thoracic.org). We like kudos but we’d rather hear what we can do better to meet your needs. If you are interesting in contributing, please contact us as well.

Thanks for reading and staying engaged with TOA!

Last Reviewed: June 2016