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Quality Improvement and Implementation Committee

Chair Bela Patel, MD Houston, TX
Vice Chair Mark L. Metersky, MD Farmington, CT
Committee Member Andre Amaral, MD Toronto, ON, Canada
Committee Member Ian Barbash, MD, MS Pittsburgh, PA
Committee Member Deena K. Costa, PhD, RN Ann Arbor, MI
Committee Member Laura C. Feemster, MSc, MD Seattle, WA
Committee Member Carolyn M. Fruci, MD, PhD Fall River, MA
Committee Member Robert C. Hyzy, MD, ATSF Ann Arbor, MI
Committee Member Mark E. Mikkelsen, MSCE, MD Philadelphia, PA
Committee Member Robert C. Stansbury, MD Morgantown, WV
Committee Member Jennifer Stevens, MD, MS Boston, MA
Committee Member George Su, MD San Francisco, CA
Committee Member Carey C. Thomson, MPH, MD, ATSF Cambridge, MA
Committee Member Curtis H. Weiss, MD, MS Skokie, IL
Committee Member Bassam Yaghmour, MD Detroit, MI
Staff Gary Ewart Washington, DC

The Quality Improvement and Implementation Committee serves as a resource for the ATS regarding quality and performance improvement and measurement. It seeks to ensure that ATS is involved in these activities in a way that creates value for ATS members and advances the practice of quality improvement in the fields of pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. The function of this Committee has additional significance as the new health care legislation takes effect and quality and performance standards are put forward that affect ATS members. Its scope broadly includes identification and recommendations relating to safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of health care delivery. It provides recommendations concerning how quality standards should be implemented in the care setting and performance measures. The Committee evaluates existing quality standards related to Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, examines existing practice guidelines to identify potentially new standards for quality practice, and identifies the need for new guidelines. Its ultimate goal is to improve the outcomes of care through improvements in clinical practice. This committee considers opportunities for ATS participation in performance improvement movements in order to advance the quality and science behind performance improvement and provide a service to ATS members, patients, and the public in this area. The Committee helps ATS take a leading role in relevant quality improvement research through independent and collaborative research programs and support of the science of quality improvement research and value-based incentives.

Benchmarks, 2018-2019:
• Work with the Documents Development Committee and Education Committee to create and disseminate performance measures based on ATS-endorsed guidelines, and implement specific recommendations to clinical practice;

• Work with the Clinicians Advisory Committee, the Clinical Practice Committee, and ATS Assemblies to operationalize new and existing quality metrics and quality programs of relevance to the pulmonary, critical care and sleep community;

• Work with the International Conference Committee and Education Committee to expand and enhance quality-based continuing medical education within the ATS, including the International Conference and other educational programs;

• Expand ATS involvement in national quality improvement programs and specialty board performance-based maintenance of certification requirements;

• Expand interaction with other societies with mutual interests to create quality improvement materials that can serve multiple audiences and minimize duplication of effort;

• Determine methods to assure that quality/performance measures are considered for each clinical ATS statement, where appropriate.