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Early Career Professionals

Critical Care ECPWG

Allan Walkey, MD
Working Group Chair
Allan Walkey, MD

The primary goal is to get young faculty more involved in the Critcal Care (CC) Assembly and the ATS.


  • Create avenues for young members of the CC Assembly to get more involved with the assembly and the ATS including:
    • Mentorship program
    • Early career professionals database
  • Improve access to participation by young members in the International Conference program:
    • Advice on program proposal submissions
    • Cooperation with the program committee to place young members as facilitators/moderators
  • Brainstorm new ways to engage young members:
    • Social media presence
    • Online journal club
    • Lunch at the International Conference

Early Career Professionals Database

We are creating a list of Critical Care Assembly members who self-identify as early in their professional careers. By participating, members can provide information about their experiences and interests as well as their goals for participation in the assembly. The purpose is to facilitate involvement in the assembly’s activities (including the annual conference), to improve mentorship matches, and to foster networking and collaboration. Please click here if you would like to participate.


Allan Walkey, MD


Active Projects and Events

Lisa Vande-Vusse
Mentorship Program
Contact - Lisa Vande-Vusse

Allan Walkey
Committee Apprenticeship Program
Contact - Allan Walkey

Kusum Mathews, MD
Membership Database
Contact - Kusum Mathews

Webpage Enhancement / @ATSCritCare Twitter Feed
Contact - Dan Fein

Nandita Nadig
Lunch at ATS
Contact - Nandita Nadig

Rachel Kohn
Mingling Event at ATS
Contact - Rachel Kohn

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Last Reviewed: September 2017