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An inspirational interview with the man behind 'COPD athlete'


Mr Russell Winwood – COPD Athlete, Australia


Dr. Rachael Evans – Associate Professor (Clinical) & Honorary Consultant Respiratory Physician, Universirty of Leicester & Glenfield Hospital, UK.
Dr. Alex Jenkins – Respiratory Research Officer, University of Nottingham, UK.


In this podcast, we gain an insight into the life of Russell Winwood (alias COPD Athlete) who has completed many great endurance events since his diagnosis with severe COPD. Russell has defied the odds on many occasions and is a well-known advocate of pulmonary rehabilitation. He takes us from the tough time when he was diagnosed with COPD through to how he started competing in marathons and triathlons highlighting the many successes and challenges involved. A podcast not to be missed providing a great personal insight into the man behind the COPD athlete with many useful points for people with respiratory disease and healthcare professionals. “Don’t let your disease define you”.



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