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Residents and Medical Students

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Welcome to the medical student and residents homepage at the American Thoracic Society (ATS)! This website is an excellent source for you to learn how the ATS can serve as your professional home as your career in pulmonary, critical care and sleep unfolds.

The ATS is a professional society of more than 15,000 physicians, scientists, nurses and other allied healthcare professionals focused on adult and pediatric pulmonology, critical care and sleep medicine.  The ATS and its members work every day to improve health worldwide by advancing research, clinical care, medical education and public health in respiratory disease, critical illness and sleep disorders.  Members often join the “ATS Community” early in their training and remain a member throughout their careers.

At our Career Development Website, we have provided a number of items that hopefully will make evident the advantages of joining the ATS. We hope your interest in a career in Pulmonary, Critical Care and/or Sleep Medicine will continue to thrive and that you see the benefits of joining our Society. Our mission is to serve you so please feel free to contact us at fellows@thoracic.org with any questions or suggestions as to how our Section can best serve your needs.

Thank you for visiting and welcome to the ATS!


Members in Transition and Training (MITT) Committee