Finance Committee

Chair Jesse Roman, MD, ATSF Philadelphia, PA
Committee Member Raed A. Dweik, MD, ATSF Cleveland, OH
Staff Patricia C. Huie New York, NY
Staff Karen J. Collishaw New York, NY

The Finance Committee has responsibility for providing oversight of the Society’s fiscal policies, financial operations and reporting processes in order to maintain the integrity of the Society’s financials. It fulfills its charge by reviewing requested financial reports to ensure sound fiscal practices and the financial sustainability of the Society. It reviews the Society’s investment portfolio performance, investment policy and cash management program, and staff recommendations to the Board regarding the selection of investment advisors or audit firms. The Committee reviews and recommends to the Board the annual budget of the Society, as well as the audit report and its findings. It reviews all material written communication from the auditors and proposes to the Board solutions for any matters that may be noted as a result of the audit. The Committee periodically reviews the employee benefit plans of the Society.

Benchmarks, 2023-2024:
• Participate with senior management in evaluating and recommending pathways to achieving financial sustainability for the Society. Consider new or enhanced sources of revenue, prioritization of core activities, and improved operating efficiencies as elements of a sustainable financial plan;
• Review and recommend to the Board an ATS annual budget that maintains the fiscal integrity of the Society;
• Work with ATS Chief Financial Officer and finance staff to enhance financial reporting to the ATS Executive Committee and Board of Directors;
• Review draft audited financial statements and present auditors’ findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors;
• Interact with and review performance of investment portfolio advisors;
• Nominate a diverse slate of candidates for ATS Respiratory Health Awards.
• This committee is responsible for reviewing content it has previously posted to the ATS website to determine if it should be updated and moved to the new site or archived/deleted. Using parameters established by the ATS Digital Content Committee as a guideline, committee members will make necessary modifications to ensure the content is accurate and conforms with established ATS standards. Reviews are to be completed by December 1, 2023.