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Under the banner of the American Thoracic Society, Thoracic Society Chapters (chapters) represent states, metropolitan areas, or other geographic areas. Each chapter designates a representative to the Council of Chapter Representatives (CCR), and three elected CCR officers in turn serve as voting members of the ATS Board of Directors. The chapters and CCR are integral to the identity of the ATS, as they provide valuable opportunities for clinicians including:

  • Medical education - offered locally;
  • Career growth at chapter educational meetings for members in training;
  • Networking;
  • Journals and newsletters;
  • Local support of ATS advocacy issues;
  • Recognition with the chapter Outstanding Clinician Award;
  • The Great Cases Symposium – organized by the CCR – at the ATS International Conference;
  • Leadership opportunities when you volunteer with a chapter.

Membership in chapters is encouraged, but is not mandatory for participation in chapter activities. Interested parties are welcome to participate in chapter activities in any region. Activities vary by chapter. View the chapter brochure.

The information provided and opinions reflected in the publications and statements of the chapters represent the views of the author(s) or position of the chapter only. The American Thoracic Society does not share, endorse, or warrant any such information or opinion published or provided by a chapter unless specifically indicated otherwise.