Lung Disease Week at the ATS - 2022 Calendar

Lung Disease Week at the ATS 2022

Throughout 2022, the ATS Public Advisory Roundtable (PAR) is hosting its updated and eleventh annual “Lung Disease Week at the ATS” series, a society-wide initiative that recognizes the many lung and airway disorders for which ATS PAR member organizations provide support and guidance to patients and their families. For a series of one-week periods, ATS PAR brings patient issues to the front and center of the Society’s agenda. Working with its PAR partners, the ATS develops, aggregates, and hosts links to patient-centered disease-specific content on its web site.


Palliative Care
March 6-12

PAR Partners
Angel Soto (Scleroderma)
Mary McGowan (Sarcoidosis)

ATS Partners
Don Sullivan, MD
Fahid Alghanim, MD

Lack of Disease Recognition & Understanding
March 20-26

PAR Partners
Siri Vaeth (CF)
Michele Manion (PCD)

ATS Partner
Kathleen Lindell, PhD

Lung Transplant
April 10-16

PAR Partners
Jennifer Mefford (PF)

ATS Partner
Kamyar Afshar, DO

Mental Wellbeing & Resilience
September 4-10

PAR Partners
Kathy Page (Sleep)
Tonya Winders (Asthma)

ATS Partner
Jean-Marie Bruzzese, PhD

Oxygen: Advocating for Yourself
October 2-8

PAR Partners
Sue Sherman (LAM),
Kristen Willard (COPD)

ATS Partner
Susan Jacobs, RN, MS
Carme Hernandez, PhD, MsC, RN, FERS

Clinical Trial Readiness
November 6-12

PAR Partners
Donna Appell (HPS)
Kari Rosbeck (TSC)

ATS Partner
Nishant Gupta, MD


For more information on Lung Disease Week at the ATS, please contact Courtney L. White, CAE, Director of Patient Outreach & Tobacco Control or (212) 315-8640.