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Wildfires in San Diego 2007
Wildfires burn on the San Diego skyline in 2007
(Photo courtesy of Dr. Asha Devereaux)

Welcome to the Section on Terrorism and Inhalational Disasters (TID), a multidisciplinary group of individuals who share a common interest in disaster preparedness, response and research. The major goals of this section are to advance of current research efforts to improve our understanding of the pathophysiology and management of inhalational injuries, severe outbreaks of infectious disease and their impact on respiratory and critical care management, and to maximize disaster preparedness within the medical community. Our web site provides you with an overview of current section activities, and provides a summary of educational resources including upcoming courses and on-line information offered by the ATS to help you with your daily practice in this area. Links to a number of external resources outside of the ATS that contain useful information on inhalational injuries and disaster medicine for researchers, clinicians and their patients are provided. Finally, we have external links to organizations and response teams where ATS members can volunteer their medical expertise if interested.

Clinical assemblies and sections are the best way to get involved in the ATS. We welcome you to get involved in this Section by attending our Section meeting at the ATS annual session, or by contacting any of our TID executive committee members. We encourage all members to submit topic proposals for ATS educational sessions, new ideas for projects, or educational content for this web site. Work submitted will be peer reviewed before being posted on the site (just as submissions to print journals). In addition, we invite you to submit suggestions or experiences of volunteerism or disaster deployment.

Thanks for your interest and support of this Section – I look forward to working with you on important issues related to inhalation disasters and disaster medicine!

Sadis Matalon, PhD, Sc.D. (Hon.)
Chair, Section on Terrorism and Inhalational Disasters

Last Reviewed: July 2016