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Global Health

Despite the name, the American Thoracic Society is an international organization. While headquartered in the U.S., ATS is committed to improving lung health around the globe. An overarching principle of the Society is to improve global lung health. The Society has a very diverse membership, with individuals from with 129 countries. Over 31% of its membership resides outside the United States. 

Through our education, advocacy and research efforts, the ATS is actively engaged in improving lung health in countries around the globe. The ATS International Health Committee’s strategic priorities help guide the work of the Society. Since its adoption in 2002, the ATS Global Health Program strategic priorities have demonstrated the unique approaches necessary for the Society to be a truly international organization. Broadly speaking, ATS pursues this objective through the following  initiatives and related activities:

  • Pursuing a broad global health policy.
  • Engaging and collaboration with international health  organizations.
  • Providing global education, research, and research training.
  • Engaging ATS members to participate in global initiatives.
  • Providing technical assistance and other capacity to build  support.