Documents Development and Implementation Committee

Chair Charlie Strange, MD, ATSF Charleston, SC
Vice Chair David J. Feller-Kopman, MD Lebanon, NH
Assembly Chair Renda S. Wiener, MD, MPH, ATSF Boston, MA
Committee Member Ann L. Jennerich, MD, MS, ATSF Seattle, WA
Committee Member Eva M. Carmona Porquera, MD, PhD Rochester, MN
Committee Member Gautam George, MD Philadelphia, PA
Committee Member Jeremy E. Orr, MD La Jolla, CA
Committee Member Joanna Hart, MD, MS Philadelphia, PA
Committee Member Kathleen O. Lindell, PhD, RN, ATSF Charleston, SC
Committee Member Madalina Macrea, MD Salem, VA
Committee Member Mark S. Godfrey, MD West Hartford, CT
Committee Member Marya Ghazipura, MS, MPhil, PhD New York, NY
Committee Member Peter E. Morris, MD Birmingham, AL
Committee Member Prashant Jarhyan, MD, PhD Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Committee Member Robert Hallowell, MD Boston, MA
Committee Member Samuel Ash, MD, MPH Boston, MA
Committee Member Sonye K. Danoff, MD, PhD, FCCP, ATSF Baltimore, MD
Staff Kevin Wilson, MD New York, NY
Staff Judy Corn New York, NY
Staff John Harmon New York, NY

The Committee is charged with developing ATS policy concerning documents development, document review and evaluation, and document processing as below and making policy recommendations to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The primary responsibility of the Committee is to identify and foster opportunities for the ATS to develop, disseminate and implement ATS documents, and to identify appropriate groups (often within ATS Assemblies or Committees) or individuals to undertake these tasks. As one approach to this goal, it monitors the relevance and current status of previously published ATS documents, proposes dates for revisions, and works with relevant committees to identify and encourage potential document developers to revise and update the documents. The Committee also identifies strategies and opportunities for ATS to develop, disseminate, and implement enduring products, derivatives, and electronic media related to ATS documents in conjunction with other ATS groups, such as the document developers, and the Education Committee. It also identifies members and non-members with expertise to support staff in the development and implementation of these strategies and opportunities.

The Committee oversees the work of the Documents Editor and provides support for the process of developing and reviewing ATS documents. This support may include serving as reviewers. It evaluates the performance of the Documents Editor and transmits this performance evaluation to the Executive Committee. The Documents Committee Chair also reviews the timeline for the status of existing ATS Documents under development at least quarterly.

The Committee recommends methodological policies for the development of official ATS documents and policies concerning effective dissemination and implementation of document recommendations. It is responsible for making policy recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the general issues concerning site and format for publication of ATS documents. It works with the Documents Editor to review and revise Memoranda of Understanding for joint document development activities of the ATS with other societies or groups. The Document Committee and the Documents Editor are dually responsible for reviewing these Memoranda of Understanding before the Executive Director reviews and signs on behalf of the ATS.

Benchmarks, 2022-2023:
• Continue implementation of the top-down strategic approach to guideline development.
• Continue implementation of the guideline methodology training program.
• Work with the editor of ATS Scholar to publish an article describing the guideline methodology training program.
• Evaluate whether the ATS should review and/or endorse other organizations'' documents and, if so, evaluate and refine the process for doing so.
• Develop methodology for retaining graduates in ATS while recognizing graduates of other organizations
• Reevaluate the process by which documents enter the pipeline.
• Nominate a diverse slate of candidates for ATS Respiratory Health Awards.