International Conference Committee

Chair Debra M. Boyer, MD Columbus, OH
Chair-Elect Jennifer L. Taylor-Cousar, MD, MSc, ATSF Denver, CO
Committee Member - RCMB Program Chair Ana L. Mora, MD Columbus, OH
Committee Member - PC Program Chair-Elect Andrea L. Frump, MS, PhD Indianapolis, IN
Committee Member - BSHSR Program Chair-Elect Andrea S. Gershon, MD, MSc, ATSF Toronto, ON, Canada
Committee Member - SRN Program Chair Bharati Prasad, MD, ATSF Chicago, IL
Committee Member - TO Program Chair-Elect Catherine R. Sears, MD, ATSF Indianapolis, IN
Committee Member - PR Program Chair Chris Burtin, PT, PhD Diepenbeek, België, Belgium
Committee Member - BSHSR Program Chair Curtis H. Weiss, MD Evanston, IL
Committee Member - PED Program Chair-Elect Deepa Rastogi, MBBS, MS, ATSF Bronx, NY
Committee Member - PED Program Chair Erick Forno, MD, MPH, ATSF Indianapolis, IN
Committee Member - RCMB Program Chair-Elect Francesca Polverino, MD, PhD Houston, TX
Committee Member - AII Program Chair Janet Lee, MD, ATSF St. Louis, MO
Committee Member - NUR Program Chair Jennifer B. Seaman, PhD, RN, CHPN Pittsburgh, PA
Committee Member - CP Program Chair-Elect Justin Oldham, MD, MS Ann Arbor, MI
Committee Member - CC Program Chair Lauren E. Ferrante, MD, MHS, ATSF New Haven, CT
Committee Member - PI-TB Program Chair Marcos I. Restrepo, MD, MSc, PhD San Antonio, TX
Committee Member - SRN Program Chair-Elect Martha E. Billings, MD, MSc Seattle, WA
Committee Member - TO Program Chair Melinda C. Aldrich, MPH, PhD Nashville, TN
Committee Member - CP Program Chair Nirupama Putcha, BA, MD Baltimore, MD
Committee Member - CC Program Chair-Elect Nuala J. Meyer, MD, MS, ATSF Philadelphia, PA
Committee Member - PI-TB Program Chair-Elect Pamela J. Mcshane, MD Tyler, TX
Committee Member - EOPH Program Chair Peggy S. Lai, MPH, MD, ATSF Boston, MA
Committee Member - AII Program Chair-Elect Rachel G. Scheraga, MD, ATSF Cleveland, OH
Committee Member - RSF Program Chair Reinoud Gosens, PhD Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands
Committee Member - EOPH Program Chair-Elect Silpa D. Krefft, MD, MPH Aurora, CO
Committee Member - RSF Program Chair-Elect Sonali Bose, MD, MPH, ATSF ny, NY
Committee Member - PC Program Chair Stephen Y. Chan, MD, PhD Pittsburgh, PA
Committee Member - PR Program Chair-Elect Tania Janaudis-Ferreira Montreal, QC, Canada
Committee Member - NUR Program Chair-Elect Tania T. Von Visger, PhD, APRN, ATSF Buffalo, NY
Staff D'Ann Brown-Janowiak New York, NY

The International Conference Committee is responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing scientific and educational sessions and other programs of the ATS International Conference. This responsibility includes securing, reviewing and selecting proposals and abstracts for the scientific sessions, coordinating sessions devoted to continuing medical education, and supervising the conduct and content of collaboratively sponsored programs. The International Conference Committee evaluates the quality of each year's International Conference and proposes strategies to improve the conference in subsequent years.

Benchmarks, 2023-2024:
• Identify innovative, efficient and effective ways to present the International Conference content, and work with ATS leadership to facilitate implementation of new Society initiatives.
• Enhance international attendance by ensuring clinical and basic science sessions reflect a global approach to health and disease wherever possible.
• Encourage participation of younger professionals and trainees by increasing interaction between early career investigators and clinicians with more senior ATS members.
• Program non-Assembly symposia to cover committee activities and strategic initiatives of the Society.