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Assemblies and Sections

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Assemblies and Sections Assemblies and Sections

Assemblies are subdivisions of the Society composed of members and affiliates with like interests within the broad fields of respiratory disease, and critical care medicine. The purpose of an Assembly is to improve the collection, interpretation, and dissemination of information, improve communication among the members, and participate in the planning of the International Conference. Assemblies are also responsible for creating and updating ATS Statements and Position Papers. Each ATS member may choose to join one Primary Assembly and up to two Secondary Assemblies. A Section is a subdivision of an Assembly that focuses on a specific area of interest within the scope of that assembly. Currently, the ATS has three sections: the Section on Genetics & Genomics (G&G) (housed under AII), the Section on Medical Education (SoME) (housed under BSHSR), and Section on Terrorism & Inhalation Disasters (TID) (housed under EOPH). ATS members may join an unlimited number of sections.