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International Trainee Scholarships (ITS)

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ITS/MECOR Virtual Presentations

Please join us for virtual presentations of the ITS and MECOR awardee abstracts.

Session 1: June 23, 9:00 AM-12:30 PM ET US

Session Recording: https://thoracic.zoom.us/rec/play/6Z0qf-us_2g3GNDGtwSDBvR4W9W1J6us0yhMq6Zcz07hAHlWMFChYLQbMbGvgw7KfVW5LZuvfo6oPXZ5?startTime=1592914995000

Session 2: June 24, 8:00 PM-9:30 PM ET US

Session Recording: https://thoracic.zoom.us/rec/share/ysotJIvWxkpIZq_d2W_-A6d-B53PX6a80yRKqKUPz05pm4E-9Qhzk4mkhTPPuPki?startTime=1593041419000

About the ITS Awards

The International Health and Membership Committees of the American Thoracic Society (ATS) are pleased to announce the availability of the ATS International Trainee Scholarships (ITS), to provide scholarship support for international trainees to attend the ATS International Conference.

Each ITS award includes a certificate of achievement, a cash scholarship determined by the awardees' country of origin and level of training, and a one year free ATS In-Training Membership, as well as an invitation to attend the International Scholars Poster Colloquium and Discussion during the conference. For awardees whom are current active ATS Members, you will receive one additional year membership. Each scholarship is intended to support expenses related to attending the ATS International Conference including registration, accommodations and related daily costs such as meals and local transportation.

The goals of the International Trainee Scholarship Awards are:

  • Provide financial support to attend ATS International Conference where trainees will be exposed to state of the art clinical research and practice of pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine. 
  • Provide international trainees from outside the US and Canada with the opportunity to present their research during the ATS International Conference.
  • Help develop interest and continued active membership and participation within the ATS, and to encourage active participation within their assemblies.
  • Create opportunities for interactions between international trainees and other scientists in their area of research.
  • Provide access to all additional activities the ATS International Conference has to offer. 

Application Process

International Trainee Scholarship Timeline:

ITS Application Submission Open Date TBD
ITS Application Submission Deadline TBD
ITS Application responses TBD