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Breathe Easy Pediatrics Presents: Tidal Volume Episode 5 – Alveolar Epithelium, Surfactant and Surfactant Proteins

Tidal Volume is a podcast from ATS Assembly on Pediatrics focusing on core concepts of pediatric pulmonology. The goal is to bring in depth focus on these core concepts for residents, fellows, early career pulmonologists or even senior faculty looking for a refresher.

In episode 5, Ryan Thomas MD from Michigan State University discusses alveolar epithelium and surfactant. He describes the anatomy of the alveolar space including the cells and their functions. He also describes the function of surfactant and its various proteins. He concludes by discussing clinical pathologies associated with surfactant dysfunction.

Podcast Credits

Writer: Ryan Thomas, MD
Producer: Ryan Thomas, MD


Christina Barreda, MD
Elizabeth Fiorino, MD



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