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Cell-Cell Adhesions, A conversation with Dr. Cara Gottardi

Dr Cara Gottardi is an Associate Professor of Medicine, in the Pulmonary Division of the Feinberg School of Medicine and a pioneer in studying the role of cell-cell adhesions in the pathobiology of lung diseases, such as asthma and lung fibrosis. Her work has focused on the regulation of cell-cell adhesions by the multifunctional catenin family of proteins. These proteins have been found to be important in developmental and cancer biology, and their role in chronic lung diseases is certain to receive ongoing attention for years to come.

In an interview with Dr. Maor Sauler, she discusses the relevance of cell-cell adhesions to the biological basis of lung disease. She also discusses her recent work examining a less-well-known member of the catenin family, alpha-T-catenin, and its role in asthma. Enjoy!

Presenter Disclosures

Cara Gottardi: No relevant commercial interests.
Maor Sauler: No relevant commercial interests.

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