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Experiences of moving overseas for research (part 1 – early career perspective)

In this podcast, Dr Hayley Lewthwaite provides an insight into her experiences of being a researcher overseas. Dr Lewthwaite is an early career researcher based in Australia with an interest in exploring the pathological mechanisms underpinning activity-related symptoms (i.e. breathlessness) in patients with chronic respiratory disease, to allow for the optimization of symptom assessment and management. Having completed her PhD at the University of South Australia, Dr Lewthwaite moved to Montreal in Canada to undertake a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at McGill University, from which she has recently returned to her native Australia to fulfil an academic position. This podcast will be of interest to academics, clinicians, and trainees who maybe considering moving to a new country for academic, clinical and/or research purposes, and may also appeal to supervisors who maybe taking on a trainee from another country. This podcast will be sure to cover the successes and challenges, both personally and professionally, of moving to a new country to undertake research. 

Dr. Hayley Lewthwaite, Lecturer, University of Newcastle, Australia.

Dr. Alex Jenkins, Respiratory Research Officer, University of Nottingham, UK.