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Lung Transplant Rehabilitation


Medical and surgical advances continue to improve the availability of lung transplantation and survival of transplant recipients. Exercise training provides an essential role in optimizing functional capacity and fitness pre-transplant, as well as improving outcomes and quality of life post-transplant. In this podcast, Dr Dmitry Rozenberg, a pulmonologist in the Toronto Lung Transplant Program (Toronto, Canada), interviews physical therapists, Lisa Wickerson (Toronto Lung Transplant Program) and Sunita Mathur (University of Toronto), about rehabilitation in lung transplant recipients. The discussion explores the unique rehabilitation needs of lung transplant recipients, the basis of exercise limitation and exercise training in this population, functional outcomes used in clinical practice and research, and a discussion of future research directions.


Dr Dmitry Rozenberg, MD, PhD, FRCPC, Pulmonologist, Toronto Lung Transplant Program, University Health Network, Toronto Canada

Lisa Wickerson, BScPT, MSc, PhD(c), Physical Therapist Toronto Lung Transplant Program, University Health Network & Lecturer, Dept of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto, Toronto Canada

Sunita Mathur, PT, PhD, Assistant Professor, Dept of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto, Toronto Canada & Investigator, Canadian National Transplant Research Program

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