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Work/Life Balance in Academia: Time Management

Time is an asset we all have, but usually it feels it is never enough. Time spent cannot be replenished or taken back. Work in academia is characterized by its free nature and autonomy, and because we have the precious possibility of handling our own time, it is important to develop effective tactics and habits to wisely and satisfactorily administrate our time. Jae Ellard is an author and expert who specializes in behaviors that cause imbalance, disengagement, and distraction; she explains the Why, What, and When of time management.

Dr. Blanca Camoretti-Mercado, Chair of the Assembly on Respiratory Structure and Function talks with Ms. Ellard in this concluding podcast of the series on Work, Life, and Balance in Academia that RSF has brought to the ATS membership. Based on personal experiences, data, and practical tips, you will hear about the importance of structure, flexibility, awareness, and intentionality in effective Time Management.

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