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ATS Health Equity and Diversity Committee

Advocacy for Diversity

  • Created a booklet on respiratory health equality to serve as a resource for all ATS members.
  • Identified potential themes and authors for the preparation of a series of manuscripts related to health equality, and in turn orchestrated the publication of 7 of these articles in a special edition of the Annals of the American Thoracic Society.
  • Implemented a survey to evaluate diversity within the ATS membership.
  • Creation of the ATS Health Equity & Diversity Fellowship.
  • Efforts to encourage the ATS assemblies to incorporate health equity into their objectives and efforts.
  • Organized an NIH- and ATS-sponsored Workshop on Health Equality (led by Dr. Juan C. Celedón) during the 2015 ATS International Conference. A workshop report is being prepared for publication.
  • Sponsored an ATS/ERS Symposium on Health Equality in Migrants and Refugees during the 2017 ATS International Conference.
  • Sponsored the creation of the ATS Innovations in Health Equality Award for senior and junior candidates.