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ATS URM Mentoring Program



The ATS’s new Underrepresented-in-Medicine (URM) Mentoring Program is aimed at senior fellows, post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty members who identify as a member of a URM group.  This pilot program presented by the ATS Health Equity and Diversity Committee (HEDC), will consist of formal activities, guidance by HEDC members, and peer/group mentoring.

One in-person (or hybrid) URM mentoring meeting is planned for each ATS International Conference with at least two other meetings held virtually each year. The goal is for URM mentees to gain practical insights on networking, tips on career advancement, how to deal with obstacles faced in academia, the manuscripts and grants review process, and curriculum development. URM mentee will also receive periodic contact from an assigned HEDC “mentee liaison” between meetings. This program will be on a three-year mentoring cycle for each mentee.

Three meetings are planned for the URM mentees in 2021, as listed below. Each meeting will be approximately 60-75 mins long and participants will be assigned a “mentee liaison” between meetings for additional contact and follow up.  See below:

Please contact the ATS at hedc@thoracic.org if you need more information. The ATS point of contact is Mr. Courtney White, staff liaison to the Health Equity and Diversity Committee.

Download the URM Mentoring brochure here.