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The ATS Coding & Billing Quarterly newsletter summarizes key information on coding, billing, documentation and regulation policy changes that are relevant to clinicians in respiratory, critical care and sleep medicine. The quarterly publication, which is shared with ATS members who practice in the U.S., covers issues such as new CPT and ICD-10-CM codes, changing CPT and ICD-10-CM nomenclature and numbering, regulatory policies and Medicare coverage of pulmonary patients.

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  • September
    • Editor's Letter
    • CMS Proposed 2024 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule
    • CMS Proposed 2024 Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System
    • Interventional Pulmonary Documentation Best Practices
    • Correct Coding - Bronchoscopic Codes 31628 & 31629
    • CPR coding Q&A
    • Telehealth E/M services Q&A
  • April
    • Editor's Letter
    • Navigational Bronchoscopy Coverage
    • COVID Coding
    • Ending of the COVID Public Health Emergency
    • Critical Care Coding Q&A
    • Bronchoscopy Billing Q&A


  • November
    • Editor's message
    • CMS Final 2023 Medicare Payment Rules
    • Federal Judge Rules Against ACA Requirement on Cover HIV-Prevention Drugs
    • The Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) Reimbursement Toolkit
    • Coding and Billing Questions and Answers
    • Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Table
    • Medicare Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System Table
  • June
    • Editor's message
    • CMS Changes Policies for Split/Shared Billing
    • CMS Expands Medicare Lung Cancer Screening Criteria and Decreases Shared Decision-Making
    • Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction (BLVR): Description and Coding Tips to Optimize Physician and Hospital Reimbursement
    • SBRT Planning CPT Code 32701: Description and Documentation Tips
    • Q&A - E/M New Patient Billing
    • Q&A - E/M Prolong Service Codes
  • January
    • Editor's message
    • CMS Issues Medicare Payment Rules for 2022
    • Q&A - How to Code for Time Spent with Patients on PAP Recall


  • June
    • Editor's message
    • State Coverage of Tobacco Cessation Treatments
    • Diagnostic Coding in Post-COVID Era
    • Q&A - Medical Decision Making
    • Q&A - PFT Interpretation
    • Q&A - Billing for Chart Review
  • February
    • Pediatric Pulmonary – Deletion of 94770
    • E/M documentation guidelines
    • E/M Payment changes
    • Prolonged Services Billing
    • Payment tables
    • Q&A - EBUS stations
    • Q&A – E/M Documentation


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