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Latest Press Releases

09-15-21 - For My Lung Health Campaign Named APEX Award Winner

09-09-21 - FDA Meets Court Deadline, But Fails to Protect American's Kids from E-cigarettes

09-02-21 - Brian E. Cade, PhD, MS, Receives ATS/ATS Public Advisory Roundtable (PAR) Research Grant

09-01-21 - The American Thoracic Society Announces Rebrand

08-19-21 - Potential Overuse of Antibiotics Found in Patients with Severe COVID-19 Pneumonia

08-09-21 - American Lung Association/American Thoracic Society/CHEST Foundation Grants to Fund Respiratory Health Equity Research

08-02-21 - Medical Associations Create United Front to Reduce Barriers to Noninvasive Ventilation

07-29-21 - World's Respiratory Societies Support Community Action and Education for Lung Cancer Awareness Day

07-28-21 - Jarod A. Zepp, PhD Receives ATS/Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome Network Research Grant

07-27-21 - Dr. Laurie Eldredge Receives ATS Research Program/American Lung Association Partner Grant

07-26-21 - Major Health Care Professional Organizations Call for COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates for All Health Workers 

07-19-21 - American Lung Association and the American Thoracic Society Response to Philip Morris International’s Purchase of British Producer of Respiratory Treatments  

07-13-21 - COVID-19 ARDS Focus of Latest American Thoracic Society/CSL Behring Research Grant Recipient

07-09-21 - Dr. Anthony Shum Receives ATS Research Program/chILD Foundation Partner Grant

07-07-21 - Dr. Jessica Blackburn Awarded ATS/GSK Research Grant in Obstructive Lung Disease

06-08-21 - Christopher Chesley, MD, is the 2021 ATS Fellowship in Health Equality Award Winner

05-31-21 - Policy Changes Urgently Needed to Support Tobacco Cessation, Warn Respiratory Groups

05-25-21 - ATS/Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Research Grant On COVID-19 in Underrepresented Minorities Awarded

05-18-21 - American Thoracic Society Announces Leadership for 2021-2022; Lynn Schnapp, MD, ATSF, Commences Term as President

05-05-21 - 4DMedical Teaming with ATS Diversity Fund to Improve Access and Equity in American Health Care

05-05-21 - Forum of International Respiratory Societies Calls for An End to Asthma Myths and Misconceptions

05-04-21 - New Clinical Practice Guideline on Community Acquired Pneumonia; Addresses Testing for Non-Influenza Viral Pathogens

05-03-21 - As Wildfires Increase in Severity, Experts Call for Coordinated Federal Response; American Thoracic Society Workshop Report Co-Funded by ATS, NIEHS and EPA

04-29-21 - Menthol Cigarettes Banned:  FDA Takes Bold Action to Save Lives

04-27-21 - ATS/Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Research Grant in Sarcoidosis Awarded; Northwestern University Researcher is Recipient of $50,000 Grant

04-15-21 - Hot Topics, Keynote Presentations at ATS 2021 International Conference

04-06-21 - COVID-19 Pandemic Highlights the Urgent Global Need to Control Air Pollution

03-30-21 - For the Health of Everyone, Equitable Access to COVID-19 Vaccines Urgently and Quickly Needed in All Countries 

03-26-21 - Physicians' Financial Conflicts of Interest May Play a Role in Black Lung Diagnoses

03-24-21 - Global Respiratory Groups Join WHO, Calling On World Leaders to Act On the Commitments Made to End TB

03-17-21 - Socioeconomic Factors Play a Key Role in COVID-19 Impact on Blacks, Hispanics

03-15-21 - The American Thoracic Society & dBase Media Present "Helping the World to Breathe"

03-01-21 - Paper Addresses Research Needed to Understand Smoking and COVID-19 Risk

02-25-21 - Roadmap Will Enable Health Professional Societies Address Critical Care Clinician Burnout

02-10-21 - Virtual Post-sepsis Recovery Program May Also Help Recovering COVID-19 Patients

01-08-21 - Initial Severity of COVID-19 Is Not Associated with Later Poor Health or Respiratory Complications

01-05-21 - EPA Attacks Science and Breaks Precedent in Final Data Transparency Rule

12-15-20 - COVID-19 Preprint Data Rapidly Influenced Critical Care Practice

12-04-20 - Pediatric ER Saw Steep Drop in Asthma Visits During Spring COVID-19 Lockdown

12-04-20 - National Lung Health Organizations:  Now Is the Time to Prepare for a COVID-19 Vaccine

12-01-20 - To Meet HIV World Health Goals, TB Treatment Must be Maintained During COVID-19 Response

11-18-20 - Living Well with COPD - Everybody, Everywhere:  Forum of International Respiratory Societies

11-17-20 - Home Oxygen Therapy for Adults with COPD and ILD:  New ATS Clinical Practice Guideline

11-13-20 - Patients Hospitalized with Severe Cases of Flu Do Better Than Those with COVID-19

11-10-20 - Urgent Progress Needed to End the Preventable Burden of Pneumonia and Deaths:  FIRS

10-29-20 - Amount of COVID Viral RNA Detected at Hospital Admission Predicts How Patients Will Fare

10-09-20 - Lack of Knowledge is One Barrier to Prone Positioning in Severe ARDS Caused by COVID-19

10-02-20 - Face Masks Unlikely to Cause Over-exposure to Carbon Dioxide, Even in Patients with Lung Disease

10-01-20 - ATS Research Program, 4DMedical Announce Grant Opportunities for Research in Asthma, COPD and IPF

09-28-20 - Executive Order Mandating How to Address Race and Diversity:  ATS Responds 

09-25-20 - Historical Racial & Ethnic Health Inequities Account for Disproportionate COVID-19 Impact

09-17-20 - ATS Research Program/Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Grant Opportunity in Sarcoidosis

09-17-20 - World Lung Day 2020: Respiratory Groups Call for Research to Detect, Prevent and Treat Respiratory Infections 

09-09-20 - CDC Data Shows E-cigarette Makers Continue to Prey on Youth - And FDA Policy Lets Them

09-09-20 - American Thoracic Society/CSL Behring Research Award in ARDS Announced

08-31-20 - Asthma May Not Be a Significant Risk Factor for Sever COVID-19 or COVID-Related Intubation

08-28-20 - ATS Statement on Latest COVID-19 Policy Actions: Convalescent Plasma and Testing of Asymptomatic Patients

08-12-20 - Physician Protests Pipeline Project; Dr. Tim Takaro Takes a Stand 82 Feet Above the Ground

08-03-20 - Challenges in Diagnosing Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis Addressed in Latest Guidelines for Clinicians

08-01-20 - World Lung Cancer Day 2020: Respiratory Groups Stress Lung Cancer Risks and Importance of Early Screening and Treatment

07-17-20 - American College of Chest Physicians, American Lung Association, American Thoracic Society and COPD Foundation Statement on Importance of Patients with Chronic Lung Disease Wearing Facial Coverings During COVID-19 Pandemic

07-16-20 - ATS Publishes New Guidance on Safely Restoring Elective Pulmonary and Sleep Services

07-15-20 - Experts Strongly Recommend Varenicline Over the Patch for Adult Smokers Hoping to Quit

07-09-20 - Black Individuals at Higher Risk for Contracting COVID-19, According to New Research

07-08-20 - Move to Withdraw U.S. from WHO During Global COVID-19 Pandemic Very Concerning; ATS Urges Congress to Ensure U.S. WHO Funding

07-06-20 - Forum of International Respiratory Societies:  We Must Continue to Be Vigilant to Control the Spread of COVID-19

06-30-20 - "For My Lung Health" Campaign Promotes Lung Health Education in Underserved Black and Latino Communities

06-24-20 - Countries with Early Adoption of Face Masks Showed Modest COVID-19 Infection Rates

06-22-20 - New Article Clarifies Details of COVID-19 Respiratory Transmission

06-11-20 - Tear Gas During COVID-19 Pandemic Irresponsible; Moratorium Needed, says American Thoracic Society

06-05-20 - Reducing Severe Breathlessness and Psychological Trauma in COVID-19 ARDS Survivors

06-03-20 - ATS Announces $500,000 COVID-19 Crisis Fund Support from AstraZeneca

06-01-20 - ATS Responds to the Death of George Floyd and Subsequent Events

05-27-20 - Analysis Does Not Find Two Distinct Subphenotypes of COVID-19 Related ARDS

05-19-20 - Modified Clinical Trial Protocol Created in Response to Urgency of COVID-10 Pandemic

05-12-20 - Residents of Poor Neighborhoods May Have More Respiratory Problems Associated with Ozone Exposure [Abstract] 

05-11-20 - ATS COVID-19 Crisis Fund Receives $100,000 Donation from Gilead Sciences, Inc.

05-11-20 - Very Few Pulmonary Hypertension Patients Are Given Exercise Rehabilitation [Abstract]

05-06-20 - Some Cancers May Be Related to Sleep Apnea [Abstract]

05-06-20 - Common Genetic Variations Found in First Genome-Wide Study of Children with Sleep Apnea [Abstract]

05-06-20 - In Mice, Chronic Inhalation of E-cigarette Vapor Negatively Affects Lungs [Abstracts]

05-05-20 - Patients with Mild Sleep Apnea Benefit from CPAP Therapy [Abstract]

05-05-20 - Dual E-cigarette and Cigarette Smokers Are Less Successful at Smoking Cessation [Abstract]

05-05-20 - COPD Patients Who Do Pulmonary Rehabilitation Are Less Likely to be Re-hospitalized [Abstract]

05-05-20 - ATS Announces GSK Grants to Support COVID-19 Crisis Fund's Research and Outreach Efforts 

05-04-20 - One in Three VA ICU Nurses Suffer "Burnout"; Related to Longer Patient Lengths of Stay [Abstract]

05-04-20 - Younger Women Less Likely to Continue with CPAP Therapy [Abstract]

05-04-20 - Not All Patients with Suspected Sepsis May Benefit from Early Antibiotics [Abstract]

05-04-20 - More Than On-Third of Counties with High Lung Cancer Mortality Are 60 Minutes+ Drive from Screening Centers [Abstract]

05-04-20 - Potentially Hazardous Bacterial Contamination Found in JUUL Vaping Products [Abstract]

04-30-20 - Clinicians Warn of the Dangers of Equating COVID-19 with High Altitude Pulmonary Edema

04-27-20 - In Preparing for COVID-19 Cases, Plan Early, Communicate Often Says Critical Care Specialists

04-21-20 - Establish Contingency Plans to Meet COVID-19 Surge in Urban Areas, Say Experts at Leading Academic Medical Center

04-20-20 - First Official ATS Practice Guidelines for Sarcoidosis Cover Diagnosis and Detection

04-15-20 - ECMO Physicians Offer Guidance in Context of Resource-scarce COVID-19 Treatment

04-14-20 - LABA/LAMA Combination Therapy More Effective for COPD Patients with Exercise Intolerance:  New Clinical Practice Guideline

04-07-20 - Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc, Makes $500,000 Donation to Support COVID-19 Related Activities by the American Thoracic Society

03-27-20 - Some COVID-19 Patients Still Have Coronovirus After Symptoms Disappear

03-24-20 - Wuhan Study is First to Describe How Body Positioning Can Improve Breathing in Severe COVID-19 Patients Requiring Ventilation

03-13-20 - UK Study Highlights Importance of Spirometry in Diagnosing COPD, Versus Over-Reliance on Medical Imaging

03-11-20 - EPA's Revised Transparency Rule - "Worse Than the First"

02-21-20 - Traditional Biomass Stoves, Used Widely in Developing Nations, Shown to Elevate Indoor Air Pollutants, Cause Lung Inflammation

02-20-20 - ATS Foundation Research Program/Pulmonary Hypertension Association Names 2019 Partner Grant Awardees

02-13-20 - ATS Foundation Research Program Announces Unrestricted Grant Recipients for the 2019 Cycle

02-03-20 - ResMed, ATS Foundation Award $100,000 Research Grant to Claude Farah, PhD

01-24-20 - Lung Microbiome May Help Predict Outcomes in Critically Ill Patients

01-17-20 - Study Finds Disparity in Critical Care Deaths Between Non-minority and Minority Hospitals

01-09-20 - Dr. Nicholas Arger Receives ATS Foundation Research Program/Foundation for Sarcoidosis Partner Grant

01-02-20 - FDA Makes Progress, but Needs to Go Further on E-cigarettes

12-13-19 - NTM Infections on the Rise Nationally; Women and Elderly Most Affected

11-18-19 - ATS, CDC, ERS and IDSA Publish New Clinical Guideline for the Treatment and Prevention of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

11-01-19 - Black and Elderly Patients Less Likely to Receive Lung Cancer Treatments

10-28-19 - Respiratory Groups Call for An End to Preventable Pneumonia Deaths

10-11-19 - CF Patients Experience Improved Lung Health with Lumacaftor-Ivacaftor, But with Caveats

10-02-19 - Some ICU Admissions May Be Preventable, Saving Money and Improving Care

10-01-19 - ATS/IDSA Publishes Clinical Guideline on Community Acquired Pneumonia

09-30-19 - Women with Asthma Appear More Likely to Have Lower Levels of Testosterone

09-23-19 - World Lung Day 2019: Respiratory Groups Unite to Call for Healthy Lungs for All

09-11-19 - ATS Responds to FDA’s Promise of Future Action on Flavored E-Cigarettes 

09-05-19 - ATS Applauds Governor's Whitmer's Action on Flavored E-cigs and Urges FDA to Take Immediate Action

09-03-19 - New ATS Clinical Practice Guideline: Diagnosing Fungal Infections

08-08-19 - Oral Appliances May Be Highly Effective in Treating a Type of Sleep Apnea

08-01-19 - ATS Publishes Clinical Practice Guideline on Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome

07-31-19 - World Lung Cancer Day 2019:  Respiratory Groups Raise Awareness About Lung Cancer Risks, Screening and Treatments

07-19-19 - Ivacaftor May Reduce Common Infections in Patients with CF

07-15-19 - ATS Celebrates Court-Established Deadlines for E-cigarettes and Cigars Regulation

07-15-19 - COPD/Sleep Apnea Overlap Syndrome Researcher Awarded $100,000 Grant from ResMed, ATS Foundation

07-01-19 - Uncontrolled Asthma Over Next 20 Years Likely to Add $300 Billion to U.S. Health Care Bill

06-07-19 - The Nicotine in E-cigarettes Appears to Impair Mucus Clearance

05-31-19 - Occupational Hazards Account for More Than One in Ten People with Range of Lung Diseases

05-16-19 - ATS Applauds Court Ruling:  FDA Must Regulate E-cigarettes

05-03-19 - Azythromycin Appears to Reduce Treatment Failure in Severe, Acute COPD Exacerbations

05-03-19 - Forum of International Respiratory Societies Calls on Health Care Providers Worldwide to STOP for Asthma

04-19-19 - Video Plus Brochure Helps Patients Make Lung Cancer Scan Decision

04-12-19 - Diesel Exhaust Filtered of Its Tiny Particles May Worsen Allergy-Induced Lung Impairment 

04-08-19 - ATS Foundation/Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc. Research Fellowship in IPF Awarded

04-04-19 - ATS Foundation/Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Research Fellowship in Sarcoidosis Awarded

04-01-19 - STEMCELL Technologies Scholarships to Be Presented at ATS 2019 International Conference

03-29-19 - Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids May Play Opposite Roles in Childhood Asthma

03-19-19 - Acceleration of UN High-Level Meeting Commitments on TB Focus of International Respiratory Societies

03-15-19 - Short-term Exposure to Common Air Pollutants May Increase Asthma Deaths

03-01-19 - Novel Sleep Index, Wakefulness May Predict if Patients Able to Breathe on Their Own

02-25-19 - ATS Foundation Research Program Announces Unrestricted Grant Recipients for the 2018 Cycle

02-15-19 - OSA Patients with Excessive Daytime Sleepiness at Greatest Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

02-08-19 - Puerto Rican Children Less Likely Than Mexican Americans to Use Asthma Inhalers

02-01-19 - ATS Publishes New Clinical Guideline on Home Oxygen Therapy for Children

02-01-19 - Early Administration of Norepinephrine May Stabilize Shock Faster in Patients with Sepsis and Low Blood Pressure

01-25-19 - Fish Oil Does Not Appear to Improve Asthma Control in Teens, Young Adults

01-11-19 - Childhood Body Composition May Help Determine Future Lung Health


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