Val Vallyathan Junior Award

The Val Vallyathan Junior Award is a award for applicants with outstanding contributions to basic and translational science in environmental or occupational respiratory diseases. The award will be presented at the annual 2019 ATS International Conference with a certificate and $2,500.

This award is fully supported by the National Emphysema Foundation.


Graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, or Assistant Professor (<8 years on faculty)

Outstanding abstract submission on basic or translational science topic in occupational lung disease

Relevance of the contribution to the ATS mission to decrease morbidity and mortality from respiratory, critical care, and sleep disorders

ATS membership is desirable but not required

There is no application process. Awardees are chosen strictly from submitted abstracts

Past Recipients of the Val Vallyathan Junior Award:

2018 - Amanda Matthew, PhD
2017 - Carrie Aaron, MD
2016 - Emmanuel Paul, PhD
2015 - Robert M. Tighe, MD
2014 - Clifford Courville, MD
2013 - Patricia Robbe, MSc
2012 - Amar Mehta, DSc, MPH, PhD
2011 - Khandaker TS Islam, MS, PhD


Last Reviewed: December 2018