Mentoring Program

EOPH Mentoring Program

"Participating in the mentoring program helped me network and meet leaders in the EOPH field. My mentor introduced me to many of his colleagues at the assembly meeting, which gave me, a graduate student, the opportunity to interact with experienced researchers." - Claire McCarthy


  1. Support junior faculty and trainees through individualized mentorship.
  2. Increase junior faculty and trainee participation in the EOPH Assembly.
  3. Allow all EOPH ATS members to participate in mentorship, including those who are and are not attending the ATS International Conference.

Expectations for Mentors

  1. Introduce yourself and start a dialog with the assigned mentee via email.
  2. Email CV to mentee.
  3. Identify goals for the relationship.*
  4. Arrange to connect virtually or in person at the ATS conference.

Expectations for Mentees

  1. Email CV to mentor.
  2. Share short and long-term goals with mentor.
  3. Be specific about expectations for relationship.
  4. Be proactive about communication, while being considerate of your mentor's time.

To view a mentorship success story, click here.

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