Mission Statement

Mission Statement

I. Name

This organization shall be known as the American Thoracic Society Scientific Assembly on Environmental, Occupational, and Population Health (ATS EOPH).

II. Objectives

  1. To promote discussion and evaluation of studies concerned with the relation between environmental or occupational factors and respiratory and other health outcomes.
  2. To collect, interpret and disseminate information concerning the effects of the environment and occupation on the respiratory tract and other organs.
  3. To identify effective interventions to address occupational and environmental health issues and advance their translation into clinical and public health practice. 
  4. To identify novel problems relating to the impact of the environment and occupation on respiratory and other health outcomes.
  5. To encourage communication among persons concerned with the impact of the environment on respiratory and other health outcomes, including a population perspective.
  6. To develop workshops and symposia in environmental, occupational, and population health.
  7. To promote the teaching of these subjects to students of the health sciences.

III. Scope

The following areas shall be emphasized by the Assembly:

Environmental lung disease and the growing list of other conditions related to air pollution, occupational exposure, tobacco smoke, toxic inhalation disasters, and other environmental factors. Epidemiological and laboratory approaches will receive major emphasis.