The Grover Conference

Robyn J. Barst

Robyn J. Barst

She was a passionate pediatric cardiologist who pioneered the use of new PAH therapies in children, notably flolan. She was a respected clinician, research and patient advocate.


Robyn J. Barst Lecturers


Steven H. Abman, MD
2013 - Steven H. Abman, MD
Differences Between the Fetal, Newborn and Adult Pulmonary Circulation: Relevance for Age-Specific Therapy


Edda Spiekerkoetter, MD
2015 - Edda Spiekerkoetter, MD
Transcriptional High-Throughput Luciferase Reporter Assay Screening and the Discovery of FK506 as a Modifier of BMP Signaling


Kurt Stenmark, MD
2017 - Kurt Stenmark, MD
Endothelial-mesenchymal Transition in PH, Is It the Same in Newborn and Adults?


Wendy Kay Chung, MD, PhD

2019 - Wendy Kay Chung, MD, PhD
Genetics of Pulmonary Vascular Disease in Children