The Grover Conference

Terry Wagner

Terry Wagner

Terry Wagner graduated with a degree in Social Work, from Smith College. Today, her Master’s thesis is still a required reading 20 years later at many Social Work graduate programs. Wagner ran a large solo psychotherapy practice. She solo authored 13 best-selling books and lectured nationally. Her love for riding led to 7 motorcycle land speed records at the Bonnerville Salt Flats. Hiking was another favorite pastime of hers. She hiked the Grand Canyon, 2 weeks prior the 2002 Grover Conference. She loved attending the Grover Conference. The Lost Valley Conference Center was her favorite place in the world.



Terry Wagner Memorial Past Lecturers


Mark Gillespie, PhD
2004 - Mark N Gillespie PhD
Oxygen and oxidant signaling in lung endothelia


Jeremy Ward
2006 - Jeremy Ward MD
Reactive oxygen species and Rho GTPases in pulmonary vascular pathophysiology


Ivan F McMurtry
2008 - Ivan F. McMurtry PhD
Rho kinase-mediated vasoconstriction in pulmonary hypertension


2011 - Sami I. Said, MD
2011 - Sami I. Said, MD
Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide Gene is a Key Modulator of Pulmonary Vascular Remodeling and Inflammation


2013 - Joseph Loscalzo, MD, PhD
2013 - Joseph Loscalzo, MD, PhD
State of the Art: Epigenetic Modifications, Basic Mechanisms and Role in Cardiovascular Disease


Micheala Aldred, PhD
2015 - Micheala Aldred, PhD

Profiling Genetic and Epigenetic Changes in the Lungs of Patients with Pulmonary Vascular Disease


Mervin Yoder, MD
2017 - Mervin Yoder, MD

Endothelial metabolic dysregulation, endothelial cell propensity for proliferation, and role of resident progenitor endothelial cells in ARDS


Peter F. Carmeliet MD, PhD
2019 - Peter F. Carmeliet MD, PhD
Angiogenesis Revisited: Role and (Therapeutic) Implications of Endothelial Metabolism