Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship Program

The ATS Assembly’s Apprenticeship Program is a mechanism to provide early career Assembly members with an opportunity to be directly involved in guiding the future of ATS. Apprentices may serve on the Program, Planning and Web Committee. Under the mentorship of a committee member, Apprentices will get a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the operations of their Assembly while developing skills for evaluation of committee applications and development of committee projects.

The primary goals of the RCMB Apprenticeship Program are:

  • Attract early-stage junior faculty to become involved in the RCMB Assembly activities 
  • Retain young scientists in research-focused academic pathways 
  • Increase visibility for young investigators 
  • Augment the networking capability of the apprentices and facilitate their progression through assembly ranks

Apprentice Activities (Program committee)

The Program Committee organizes the Assembly content for the International Conference. Apprentices will participate in the process of designing the International Conference content, reviewing abstract submissions and evaluating program Conference sessions.

Apprentice Activities (Planning committee)

The Planning Committee is charged with shaping the long-term strategy of the assembly, generally through soliciting and sponsoring projects including clinical practice guidelines, position papers, and workshops benefitting the Assembly. Apprentices will review IC abstracts and learn to provide evaluations and reviews of Committee project applications. Apprentices may have the opportunity to assist with the development of accepted project proposals.

Apprentice Activities (Web committee)

The Web Committee is in charge of the RCMB Assembly's web content and online presence. 

Web Committee apprentice's expectations and responsibilities include assisting Web Director with all Assembly web content.  This may include the organization of web activities like journal clubs, podcasts, and social media.


  • MD (or equivalent) and Ph.D. applicants at the rank of Instructor, Assistant Professor or a similar level of junior faculty appointment are welcome to apply
  • International Applicants are welcome
  • Should be a member of RCMB for at least one year (denoted as Primary or Secondary Assembly)
  • The awardee must be present at the ATS International Conferences during his/her term and attend the RCMB meeting to accept the award.

Submission Materials: 

  • Completed application form and a one-page personal statement. Between the application form and the personal statement, please cover (1) the reason for applying to the Apprenticeship program, (2) abilities for collaboration, (3) abilities to accomplish a deliverable, (4) history of participating in ATS activities, and a (5) statement on how you would contribute to diversity initiatives of the Assembly and the ATS.  
  • Updated CV and/or NIH Biosketch
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Please merge letters, CV, and personal statement on a single PDF when submitting your application

We look forward to your participation, please contact us with questions or requests for additional information.

The deadline to apply is Mon, Jan 22

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