Mentoring Program

RCMB Mentoring Program

The 2017 RCMB Mentoring Program is now closed.
Check back next year in February for the 2018 RCMB Mentoring Program.

The main goal of this program is help trainees and junior faculty members navigate the seemingly complex environment of the American Thoracic Society, so that they can get the most out of their ATS International Conference experience and the Society as a whole.

Through this program, each prospective mentee will be paired up with an individual mentor based on the answers provided in a brief survey about their background and career goals and objectives.

Expectations for Mentors

The key role of the mentor is to help the mentee take full advantage of all the resources available at ATS international conference. In addition, the role of the mentor is to aid the fellow to explore the available networking opportunities at the ATS international conference including attending the RCMB business meeting and reception.


  • Attend the RCMB business meeting with the Mentee
  • Have at least one face to face meeting during the international conference
  • If time allows, assist in determining mentee's short- and long- term career goals, offer advice in course work, research training and provide constructive feedback on Mentees career development plan.

Expectations for Mentees

  • It is the responsibility of the mentee to reach out to the mentor to start the mentorship
  • Mentee should identify developmental needs and set development goals prior the meet
  • Prior meeting with your mentor, write down three things that you would like to achieve through mentoring.
  • Prepare a short bio and CV to share with your mentor when you first meet.
Last Reviewed: June 2017