Lung Aging Research Working Group

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Lung Aging Research

Irfan Rahman, PhD, ATSF
GR Scott Budinger, MD
Louise Hecker, Ph.D

Our main goal is to increase our awareness and disseminate knowledge of the pathophysiological mechanisms of aging in the lungs with interests in terms of the basic biology of aging in debilitating lung diseases including critical care and geriatric aging. We aim to thus contribute to the larger mission of the current Interesting Group of Aging.

This group will bring together lung researchers (including early career members, MDs, MD-PhDs, and PhDs) who are interested in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms of aging and age-related lung diseases, and forms a forum for discussion on hallmarks of lung aging and associated diseases.


To increase the knowledge of the physiological and accelerated mechanisms of aging in the lungs in collaboration with clinical and critical care geriatric disciplines
To enhance overall visibility and advance the knowledge of aging of the lung and mechanisms of age-related lung diseases
To target age-associated dysfunction: Advancing knowledge of age-associated therapeutic targets that may promote enhanced repair
To highlight the impact on the global health burden of age-associated lung diseases e.g. environmental aspect of aging (biomass, wildfire, ashes, diesel exhausts) in all population including geriatric.
Age-related diseases development and therapeutic targeting age
Dissemination of knowledge by including NIA and NHLBI researchers including critical care research programs