RCMB Planning Committee

RCMB Planning Committee

Carol Feghali-Bostwick, MD
Oliver Eickelberg, MD

The RCMB Planning Committee sets the long-term strategy of the Assembly through the development of specific projects and overseeing several working groups. The committee is chaired by Oliver Eickelberg, MD and the committee membership is available on our website.

Assembly projects can be submitted by any ATS member. Projects can include the development of official ATS documents and non-document projects. Document proposals are reviewed for scientific, clinical and educational merit by the Planning Committee and if applicable the Education Committee and Documents Committee. Non-document projects can include webcasts, conferences, meetings and any other project that does not result in a document. The Planning committee will help the applicant to make strong application at any time during the development (see document). Assembly project proposals submitted in July are reviewed and ranked by the Planning Committee in August. The Planning Committee then provides written comments available to the applicants for review prior to final submission of the application to the ATS Program Review Sub-Committee in September.

How to prepare a successful RCMB Project Proposal

2013-2014 RCMB Projects

RCMB Primary Assembly

  • Stem Cells and Cell Therapies for Lung Biology and Diseases -- Daniel J. Weiss, MD, PhD
  • An Official Research Policy Statement of the ATS/ERS: Future Directions in Lung Fibrosis Research -- Eric White, MD
  • LAM Consensus Guideline Committee -- Francis McCormack, MD

RCMB Secondary Assembly

  • Evaluation of Pulmonary Nodules: An Agenda for Research and Implementation in Practice -- Christopher Slatore, MD

The Planning Committee also oversees the efforts of several working groups. Working Groups are created and approved by the Assembly’s Executive Committee for short term projects that do not require funds, but work to improve the status and visibility of an Assembly.

Current RCMB Workgroups:

Junior Professionals Working Group -- Chair: Anna Lam
Lung Fibrosis Working Group -- Chair: Patricia Sime
Stem Cell Working Group -- Chair: Dan Weiss
Working Group on Aging -- Chair: Mauricio Rojas
Metabolomics and Proteomics Working Group -- Co-Chairs: Russ Bowler and Chris Wendt

Last Reviewed: August 2017