RCMB Innovation and Entrepreneurial Working Group

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RCMB Innovation and Entrepreneurial Working Group

New Postgraduate Course at ATS 2020!


Jump Start: A beginner’s guide to drug and company development in an academic setting

Saturday, May 16


Spaces limited!


To learn more, see the video below & view the pdf.




Milica Vukmirovic, PhD
Chair: Milica Vukmirovic, PhD 

 Louise Hecker, PhD
Co-Chair: Louise Hecker, PhD

Our Working Group Mission:

To enable and support entrepreneurship in academic pulmonary medicine and research.

Our Approach:

  • To identify learning gaps in development of new drugs, devices and technologies; and educate the investigators.
  • To mentor clinicians and researchers in preparation of business-related grant proposals and pitch slide decks for investors.

Our Interactions:

  • To organize education sessions in entrepreneurship at ATS and other lung research-focused international conferences
  • To work with other ATS assemblies and Drug Device Discovery and Development Committee
  • To assist with programing of ATS Respiratory Innovation Summit
  • To work with foundations, philanthropy and investors to develop funding opportunities for innovative lung research

Join us:

  • If you are interested in commercializing your academic inventions
  • If you are at university and thinking of starting a company
  • If you have already started a company in lung field
  • If you want to work for a start up
  • If you want to learn to navigate commercial process at University