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In Memory of Leonard Nimoy: We’re hoping to build the Tricorder, Steven Levy, Backchannel, October 28, 2014

Moderator: Karina Serban

Dr. Andrew Conrad leads Google X, Calico and Baseline projects. His vision inspires physicians and scientists in their revolutionary efforts to change the way we screen and diagnose cancer (Google X), the way we can improve average lifespan, prevent aging (Calico); and the way we define health and homeostasis (Baseline).

In this interview for the Backchannel, one of the best hubs for tech writing, the editor-in-chief, Steven Levy walks us through the journey of Tricorder. The name of the Google device that uses labeled nanoparticles to intercept early markers of cancer, diabetes, or atherosclerosis and then signals to a wristband was inspired from Star Trek: “because there used to be a computer called Tricorder —you’d talk to it and it would answer any question”.

Throughout the reading, it is not the science in this story that excites you, but Conrad’s firm belief in Google’s way of approaching healthcare and bio-technology. Therefore, if you are ready to make a difference, other than prescribing a new drug or discovering a new miRNA, “come to Google X, try something crazy, do something that’s a 10x change”.

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