Mission Statement

Mission Statement

I. Name

The American Thoracic Society Assembly on Sleep and Respiratory Neurobiology (SRN).

II. Objective

A. To provide a intra-assembly mechanism for communication on the topic of respiratory neurobiology and sleep within the American Thoracic Society.

B. To collect, interpret and disseminate data concerning clinical and research aspects of respiratory neurobiology and sleep.

C. To stimulate research in the field of respiratory neurobiology and sleep.

D. To promote interdisciplinary planning for clinical aspects of pulmonary sleep disorders, alveolar hypoventilation syndromes, and assessment of dyspnea.

III. Scope

The clinical and scientific areas involved include, among others, the following fields:

A. Basic mechanisms of neural control of respiration in sleep
B. Control of upper airways
C. Cardiopulmonary interactions during sleep
D. Clinical aspects of sleep-disordered respiration
E. Control of breathing - neural mechanisms
F. Chemoreceptors - central and peripheral
G. Neurotransmitters/neuropharmacology of respiratory control
H. Neuromechanical interactions in respiratory control
I. Respiratory sensations and dyspnea
J. Alveolar hypoventilation syndromes and other disorders of control of ventilation.

IV. Research Priorities

The following topics have been identified by the Long Range Planning Committee as the top research priorities for the SRN Assembly:

A. Neurobiological basis of cardio-respiratory integration during wakefulness and sleep: implications for disease
B. Developmental aspects of neural control of respiration during sleep in health and disease
C. The genetic basis for respiratory control during sleep and wakefulness
D. Epidemiological and clinical studies of sleep disordered breathing