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West Haven-Yale Multidimensional Pain Inventory (WHYMPI)

Name of questionnaire West Haven-Yale Multidimensional Pain Inventory (WHYMPI)
Type of questionnaire-description,age Assesses subjective chronic pain; ages 18 and above
Number of items 61 items
Number of domains & categories 12 scales in 3 part
Name of categories/domains   Patient life factors, other's response to patient's pain, and patient's participation in daily activities
Scaling of items 0-6
Scoring available: with permission or free Free
Scoring Test-retest reliability Yes
Scoring Internal consistency Yes
Validity Yes, correlated with  other questionnaires including STAI and BDI
Language English
Translations in other languages (if yes, then list the languages) Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Italian
Developer name Robert Kerns, PhD
Developer contact information

Robert D. Kerns, Ph.D.,
Psychology Service 116B4.

VA Medical Center
West Haven, CT 06516. U.S.A.

Availability of questionnaire: needs permission from developer, cost or freely available Free
Link to the questionnaire (if available) Click Here to View the Questionaire
Other comments Patient-rated scale
References (original publication) Kerns, R. D., Turk, D. C., et al. (1985). "The West Haven-Yale Multidimensional Pain Inventory (WHYMPI)." Pain 23(4): 345-356.
Last Reviewed: June 2016