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Membership Committee

Chair Clement L. Ren, MD, MBA, ATSF Indianapolis, IN
Vice Chair Meshell Johnson, MD San Francisco, CA
Committee Member Rosemary Adamson, MBBS, ATSF Seattle, WA
Committee Member Maryellen C. Antkowiak, MD Burlington, VT
Committee Member Wonder P. Drake, MD Nashville, TN
Committee Member Jill L. Guttormson, PhD, RN Milwaukee, WI
Committee Member Kathryn A. Hibbert, MD Boston, MA
Committee Member Richard A. Johnston, PhD, ATSF Morgantown, WV
Committee Member Marcus H. Jones Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Committee Member Ni-Cheng Liang, MD Encinitas, CA
Committee Member Nilam S. Mangalmurti, MD Philadelphia, PA
Committee Member Gustavo Matute-Bello, MD Seattle, WA
Committee Member Prema R. Menon, MD, PhD Burlington, VT
Committee Member Alexandra Noel, PhD, MSc, BSc Baton Rouge, LA
Committee Member Lee J. Quinton, PhD Boston, MA
Committee Member Lawrence M. Rhein, MD, MPH Boston, MA
Committee Member Seppo Rinne, MD, PhD Boston, MA
Committee Member Timothy E. West, MPH, MD Seattle, WA
Staff Jennifer Collin New York, NY
Staff Stephen Altobelli New York, NY

The Membership Committee provides strategic guidance to retain and grow an actively engaged membership with the requisite knowledge, skills, abilities, and values to fulfill the Society’s mission and goals. It annually reviews membership criteria, categories and dues. The Committee also serves as a resource for staff to review issues that arise with applications for membership. It recommends to the Board strategies for growing membership and retaining current members. Finally, the Committee fosters the efforts of members to eliminate gender, racial, ethnic, or economic health disparities worldwide and incorporates approaches to health equality. The Membership Committee continuously evaluates the value of membership and promotes ATS membership benefits.

Benchmarks, 2020-2021:
• Address wellness and burnout among ATS members through education, promotion of research, and initiation of organizational change efforts for the greater pulmonary, sleep, and critical care community. Submit a project proposal for a workshop on wellness at the 2021 ATS International Conference.
• Continue the annual ATS Fellow designation program as a mark of distinction and recognition within the Society. Continually review the program for how it can add value to ATS membership, and refine the process for ATSF designation for international members.
• Organize and host the annual Diversity and Women’s Forums, and related awards programs at the International Conference geared to promote career planning, networking among women and minority members and to recognize exceptional achievements; develop a concept for a year-round women in medicine initiative in conjunction with other groups within ATS;
• Collaborate with the International Health Committee and Planning and Evaluation Committee to develop strategies aimed at increasing the relevance of the society to its international members including their engagement and active participation in society’s activities.
• Collaborate with the Health Equality and Diversity Committee to identify barriers to recruitment and retention of members that will increase the diversity of ATS membership and develop potential solutions to overcome these barriers. Collaborate with HEDC to obtain better demographic data on ATS membership.
• Collaborate with the MITT Committee on strategies to increase the value of ATS membership and improve retention among new members, members in training, and members transitioning to faculty, including the development of online career development resources. Work with MITT and HEDC to promote ATS membership to underrepresented minorities.