Nominating Committee

Chair Anne E. Dixon, MA, BM BCH, ATSF Burlington, VT
Committee Member Anne E. Holland, PT, PhD Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Committee Member J. Daryl Thornton, MD, MPH, ATSF Cleveland, OH
Committee Member James M. Beck, MD, ATSF Denver, CO
Committee Member Megan N. Ballinger, PhD Columbus, OH
Staff Karen J. Collishaw New York, NY
Staff Nicola Black New York, NY
Staff Patricia C. Huie New York, NY

The Nominating Committee reviews nominations proposed by membership for the office of ATS Secretary and Treasurer and selects two candidates for voting. It performs an annual performance review of the ATS officers and recommends whether they should progress in rank to the next officer position. The Committee also evaluates the nomination and election process for officers and proposes operational improvements and strategies to ensure the nomination of a sufficient number of qualified candidates.

Benchmarks, 2021-2022:
• Review and enhance the selection process for members of the nominating committee;
• Clarify the election procedure guidelines and campaigning rules for the final two candidates,
• Solicit nominees and select the final two candidates for the position of ATS Treasurer;
• Review and enhance the selection process of the final two candidates for the position of ATS Treasurer.