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Public Advisory Roundtable

Chair Kari L. Rosbeck Silver Spring, MD
Chair-Elect Michele Manion, BS Minneapolis, MN
Committee Member Donna J. Appell, RN Oyster Bay, NY
Committee Member Jeffrey R. Goldstein Miami, FL
Committee Member Jennifer Mefford Chicago, IL
Committee Member Kathy Page Smithton, MO
Committee Member - Immediate Past Chair Kerri Connolly Danvers, MA
Committee Member Kim Parham, RN Hendersonville, TN
Committee Member Marie Mascia-Rand Burbank, CA
Committee Member Mary Harbaugh, PhD Shoreview, MN
Committee Member Michael Hurley Austin, TX
Committee Member Sara D. Latham Washington, DC
Committee Member Serese Marotta ARLINGTON, VA
Committee Member Siri Vaeth, MSW Palo Alto, CA
Committee Member Tonya Winders Vienna, VA
Staff Courtney L. White New York, NY
Staff Bridget Burns New York, NY

The ATS Public Advisory Roundtable (ATS PAR) represents a core component of the Society and a mutually beneficial partnership wherein organizations that represent persons affected by respiratory diseases, sleep-related conditions, or critical illnesses collaborate to advance their shared educational, research, patient care, and advocacy missions. ATS PAR brings the patient’s perspective to the Society and provides the Board with strategic guidance for retaining patients and families as a central focus of all ATS activities and programs.

Benchmarks for 2020-2021

1) Serve as a resource to the ATS documents development committee to provide patients to any document working group desiring the patient perspective during the current project proposal/renewal cycle;
2) Serve as a resource to the International Conference committee by providing patient speakers to select scientific sessions at IC 2021;
3) Work with the ATS Foundation to develop an unrestricted research grant funded by multiple PAR members to be awarded in the 2021 ATS research grant cycle;
4) Represent the patient perspective on ATS committees as well as other applicable ATS activities requiring a patient presence, to include the annual Hill Day in Washington, DC.