Project Review Committee

Chair Scott H. Randell, PhD Chapel Hill, NC
Vice Chair Janice M. Liebler, MD, ATSF Los Angeles, CA
Committee Member Andrew J. Sweatt, MD Stanford, CA
Committee Member Anna Hemnes, MD, ATSF Nashville, TN
Committee Member Blanca Camoretti-Mercado, PhD Tampa, FL
Committee Member Connie C. Hsia, MD, ATSF, FCCP Dallas, TX
Committee Member David M. Lewinsohn, MD, PhD, ATSF Portland, OR
Committee Member Francois Fadell, MD, ATSF Cleveland, OH
Committee Member Henry E. Fessler, MD Baltimore, MD
Committee Member Henry Koziel, MD Boston, MA
Committee Member Joseph E. Levitt, MD, MSci Stanford, CA
Committee Member Ken M. Kunisaki, MD, MSCR, ATSF Minneapolis, MN
Committee Member - Immediate Past Chair Kristin A. Riekert, PhD Baltimore, MD
Committee Member Kristina L. Bailey, MD, ATSF Omaha, NE
Committee Member Michael K. Gould, MD, MS Pasadena, CA
Committee Member Rita M. Ryan, MD, ATSF Cleveland, OH
Committee Member Robyn T. Cohen, MD, MPH Boston, MA
Committee Member Sanjay R. Patel, MD, MS, ATSF Pittsburgh, PA
Committee Member Stephanie J. London, MD, MPH, DrPH Research Triangle Park, NC
Committee Member Susan J. Bartlett, PhD Montreal, QC, Canada
Committee Member Susan S. Jacobs, RN, MS Stanford, CA
Committee Member Theo J. Moraes, MD, PhD, BSc Toronto, ON, Canada
Staff Miriam Rodriguez New York, NY
Staff Kevin C. Wilson, MD, ATSF Boston, MA

The Project Review Committee reviews project proposals submitted by assemblies and committees that require scientific peer-review and proposes a rank list in accordance with the priorities of the Society for consideration of funding in the annual budget.

Benchmarks, 2022-2023:
• Review Proposals with a systematic process including feedback and develop a rank list for Finance and the EC.
• Continue to provide education to Assembly Chairs, Committee Chairs and Assembly Planning Committee Chairs to improve the quality of applications, note process changes, emphasizing time cycle of successful projects to avoid delays in project completion.
• Collaborate with the Documents Development and Implementation Committee and Publications Policy Committee leaders to ensure continued communication regarding projects.
• Educate applicants about the importance of diversity and inclusion as well as being clearer in defining what ATS considers under-represented minorities
• Develop a proposal for potential ATS co-sponsorship of external workshops or conferences outside of the International Conference.
• Nominate a diverse slate of candidates for ATS Respiratory Health Awards.