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Proficiency Standards for Pulmonary Function Laboratories Committee

Chair David A. Kaminsky, MD Burlington, VT
Vice Chair Meredith C. McCormack, MHS, MD Baltimore, MD
Committee Member Igor Barjaktarevic Los Angeles, CA
Committee Member Brian L. Graham, PhD Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Committee Member Teal S. Hallstrand, MD, MPH, ATSF Seattle, WA
Committee Member John L. Hankinson, PhD Winterville, GA
Committee Member Neil R. MacIntyre, MD Durham, NC
Committee Member Kevin R. McCarthy Matthews, NC
Committee Member Cristine Oropez, MD, MHS Tucson, AZ
Committee Member Margaret Rosenfeld, MD Seattle, WA
Committee Member Sanja Stanojevic, PhD Toronto, ON, Canada
Committee Member Erik R. Swenson, MD Seattle, WA
Committee Member Daniel J. Weiner, MD, ATSF Pittsburgh, PA
Staff Barbara Horner New York, NY

The Proficiency Standards Committee develops proficiency standards for pulmonary function and blood gas laboratories and develops strategies to promote adherence to ATS standards. This committee serves as a resource for the ATS staff concerning issues related to pulmonary function and blood gas testing.

Benchmarks, 2017-2018:
• Develop strategies to improve implementation of guidelines and procedures described in American Thoracic Society Pulmonary Function Laboratory Management and Procedure Manual;

• Support ATS initiative for Quality Assurance Certification of Clinical Pulmonary Function Laboratories;

• Complete draft Technical Standards document on DLCO/TLCO measurement methods, joint with ERS;

• Develop draft of Technical Standards document on Reporting Format for Pulmonary Function Tests.

• Review current pulmonary function laboratory standards and update, as needed;

• Support MECOR PFT training (if approved by ATS);

• Explore and plan joint projects with European Respiratory Society to update spirometry and lung volume guidelines, and establish process for continued collaboration with ERS given different deadlines for project applications.