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Web Editorial Committee

Chair Michael J. Lanspa, MD, MSCR, ATSF Salt Lake City, UT
Vice Chair - BSHSR Assembly Web Director Ann C. Wu, MD, MPH Boston, MA
Committee Member - Section on Terrorism & Inhalation Disasters Satya Achanta, DVM, PhD, DABT Durham, NC
Committee Member - Section on Genetics & Genomics Emma K. Allen, PhD Memphis, TN
Committee Member - PC Assembly Jarrod W. Barnes, PhD, MSc Birmingham, AL
Committee Member - NUR Assembly Web Director Lauren Castro, APN, MSN, RN CHICAGO, IL
Committee Member - Fellow Meghan M. Cirulis, MD SALT LAKE CITY, UT
Committee Member - CC Assembly Daniel Fein Bronx, NY
Committee Member - AII Assembly Jose L. Gomez, MS, MD, ATSF New Haven, CT
Committee Member - RSF Assembly Jade Jaffar, PhD, ATSF Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Committee Member - Fellow Shreya M. Kanth, MD Arlington, VA
Committee Member - Section on Medical Education Viren Kaul, MD La Fayette, NY
Committee Member - CP Assembly Burton W. Lee, MD Pittsburgh, PA
Committee Member - PR Assembly Claire M. Nolan, MSc, PhD Harefield, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Committee Member - RCMB Assembly Brian D. Southern, MD Cleveland, OH
Committee Member - PI-TB Assembly Colin Swenson, MD Atlanta, GA
Committee Member - PEDS Assembly Jane B. Taylor, MD, MSCR Pittsburgh, PA
Staff Doron Ben-Avraham New York, NY
Staff Maribel Lim NEW YORK, NY
Staff Bridget Nance New York, NY

The purpose of the ATS Website Editorial Committee is to offer advice and guidance to staff and leadership on the creation, development and coordination of the medical, scientific and professional content of the ATS Website. Through its work, the Website Editorial Committee will help to promote a consistent look and feel for all ATS Web pages and assure the highest quality (i.e., accuracy, style, and format) content possible for all ATS Website offerings.

Benchmarks, 2020-2021:
1. In collaboration with Education, Training and MITT Committees, streamline and consolidate content that relates to fellows, early career professionals, and educational content for ATS members and the public.
2. Collaborate with the ATS web staff to aid in the implementation of the web overhaul, including incorporation of findings from outside consultants and input from members.
3. Create infrastructure to oversee content creation and coordinate with ATS staff, by creating working groups for content creation and liaisons with assemblies, sections, and key committees.