Tobacco Action Committee

Chair Hasmeena Kathuria, MD, ATSF Boston, MA
Vice Chair Anne C. Melzer, MD, MS, ATSF Minneapolis, MN
Committee Member Adam E. Lang, PharmD Richmond, VA
Committee Member Daniel Hinds, MD, MS Iowa City, IA
Committee Member Don Hayes, MD, MS, MEd, ATSF Cincinnati, OH
Committee Member Dona J. Upson, MD, MA, ATSF Albuquerque, NM
Committee Member Evan Stepp, MD Highlands Ranch, CO
Committee Member Janaki Deepak, MD, MBBS, FACP Baltimore, MD
Committee Member - PAR Representative Kristen Willard, MS Miami, FL
Committee Member Lucia Viola, MD BOGOTA, cundinamarca, Colombia
Committee Member Megan E. Piper Madison, WI
Committee Member Panagis Galiatsatos, DrMed Baltimore, MD
Committee Member Sara C. Sadreameli, MD, MHS Baltimore, MD
Committee Member Sven E. Jordt, PhD Durham, NC
Staff Gary Ewart, MHS Washington, DC

The Tobacco Action Committee is charged with organizing and coordinating the ATS tobacco and marijuana control and tobacco dependence treatment activities. These activities will include research, clinical, educational, advocacy and policy activities with the ultimate goal of minimizing the impact of tobacco on morbidity and mortality worldwide. The committee will strive to enhance the ability of the ATS to participate more fully in the investigation of the root causes of tobacco use; treatment of nicotine dependence; and advocacy efforts to eliminate its use. The Committee will communicate and collaborate with similar committees or bodies in other organizations such as the Forum of International Respiratory Societies, the Asociación Latinoamericana de Tórax (ALAT), Asian Pacific Society of Respirology, and the European Respiratory Society Tobacco Action and Control Committees.

Benchmarks, 2023-2024:
• Monitor, review and comment on FDA CTP policy proposals to regulate tobacco products. Engage with FDA CTP and sister organizations to push for effective enforcement of tobacco control policies including; final rule to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars, proposed rule on low nicotine products, flavor ban for e-cigarette products, FDA CTP PMTA review of e-cigarette products, graphic warning labels.
• Collaborate with other relevant ATS committees and assemblies to develop products, projects, and/or proposals that address tobacco dependence, tobacco policy, and/or health impacts of tobacco and nicotine.
• Collaborate across ATS website/social media to update materials and develop webinars related to tobacco and cannabis;
• Engage other professional societies in the US and internationally to explore areas of overlapping tobacco control advocacy potential;
• Engage members to develop a coordinated task force to inform tobacco control efforts within ATS;
• Discuss strategies to support state and local advocacy for tobacco control;
• Where appropriate, initiate or participate in court action to ensure effective implementation of FDA's authority to regulate tobacco products.
• Nominate a diverse slate of candidates for ATS Respiratory Health Awards.
• This committee is responsible for reviewing content it has previously posted to the ATS website to determine if it should be updated and moved to the new site or archived/deleted. Using parameters established by the ATS Digital Content Committee as a guideline, committee members will make necessary modifications to ensure the content is accurate and conforms with established ATS standards. Reviews are to be completed by December 1, 2023.