Digital Content Committee

Chair Michael J. Lanspa, MD, ATSF Salt Lake City, UT
Vice Chair Ann C. Wu, MD, MPH Lexington, MA
Committee Member - PAR Representative Angel Soto danvers, MA
Committee Member Anna M. May, MD, MS Cleveland, OH
Committee Member Arjan S. Flora Memphis, TN
Committee Member Blanca E. Himes, PhD, ATSF Philadelphia, PA
Committee Member Claude T. Jourdan Le Saux, PhD San Francisco, CA
Committee Member Dominique J. Pepper, MD, MBChB, MHS, ATSF Olympia, WA
Committee Member Jeremy B. Richards, MD, MA, FACP, ATSF Cambridge, MA
Committee Member Linda Nici, MD Providence, RI
Committee Member Lokesh Dayal, MD Saginaw, MI
Committee Member Shayan Mahapatra, MD weston, FL
Committee Member Viren Kaul, MD La Fayette, NY
Staff Maribel Lim NEW YORK, NY
Staff Satish Williams NEW YORK, NY
Staff Robert Duffy New York, NY
Staff Bridget Nance New York, NY

The Digital Content Committee assesses ATS’s existing online and social media content and resources, identifies gaps and proposes recommendations for new content as well as improvement in organization and searchability of existing content.

Benchmarks, 2023-2024:
• Review metrics of and categorize all ATS digital content.
• Identify gaps and opportunities and make recommendations for improvement.
• Create a set of criteria to prioritize digital content.
• Establish guidelines and standards that all digital content must meet before posting to an external-facing platform, including best practices in medical content (medical informatics) tagging.
• Create a policy and schedule by which digital content is reviewed and, when necessary, modified, updated, or removed.
• Review current usage of DocMatter, and how ATS can enhance utilization of the platform.
• In collaboration with the Learning Council, streamline and consolidate content that relates to trainees and early career professionals.
• Nominate a diverse slate of candidates for ATS Respiratory Health Awards.
• The committee will be responsible for reviewing content it has previously posted to the ATS website to determine if it should be updated and moved to the new site or archived/deleted. Using parameters established by the ATS Digital Content Committee as a guideline, committee members will make necessary modifications to ensure the content is accurate and conforms with established ATS standards. Reviews are to be completed by December 1, 2023.