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Oxygen Therapy

If you are viewing this site you are most likely using oxygen therapy now or have recently discussed an oxygen prescription with your physician or nurse practitioner. Supplemental oxygen therapy is unlike any other medication you may have taken in the past, merely because it comes in the form of a gas and requires special equipment for storage and delivery. It’s common for people to have several questions about why oxygen has been prescribed and how to use equipment for home and when engaging in activities outside the home in your own community.  Some find it helpful to improve their understanding about their lung condition and why supplemental oxygen has been prescribed. Many are interested in learning about using devices called oximeters to help monitor oxygen saturation levels. Oxygen prescriptions are based on individual assessments while resting, sometimes during sleep and when walking or with regular activities as your body’s needs may vary under different conditions.

This section is offered to help provide information and to answer some of the questions you may have.  You are already committed to learning more about oxygen therapy by visiting this site.  The resources listed below are intended to provide you with a number of links to help you research your lung condition and how to navigate an active life with oxygen therapy use.

ATS Patient Information Series Fact Sheets

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Oxygen Therapy for Children 2019
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Disease-Specific Foundations

Getting Started, Living with Oxygen, Safety and Travel

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Medicare/Insurance and Oxygen

  • Medicare coverage of durable medical equipment, including oxygen, and definitions: oxygen specifically covered on page 14-17
  • Medicare DME, including oxygen, standards that Medicare supplier (oxygen supply company) must meet, highlighting standards 12-20 as patient-centered requirements
  • Medicare Basics, COPD Foundation

Help With Complaints

  • Medicare: 1-800-Medicare or 1-800-633-4227
  • Social Security Administration: 1-800-772-1213
  • Medicare Coordination of Benefits: 855-798-2627
  • Immediate Advocacy - an informal alternative dispute resolution process to quickly resolve a Medicare beneficiary has regarding the quality of Medicare-covered services that accompany medical care such as equipment. This website has an explanation and phone numbers by region.

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